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Having all your pictures in one place is always a good thing and, as you’d expect most smartphones on the market are able to do this.

Microsoft has taken it one (or three) steps further with Windows Phone 7.

Not only do you get all your device’s images stored in one place, but you also get all your friend’s Facebook pictures thrown in for good measure.

Then there’s the UI within the Picture Hub, which organises all your images, as well as your friend’s, in a simple, intuitive manner.

You can set a dedicated Tile for your Pictures Hub on the start screen of your Windows Phone 7. If it isn’t included when you boot the device up, simply flick across to the Apps / Menu list and pin it to the start screen.

Background Image
Once you’ve taken a few snaps Windows Phone 7 will set a panoramic background picture for the Pictures Hub, ours is currently a snap of a busy high street in London.

As we said, the Pictures Hub is broken up into three main sections, which are as follows: all, date and favourites.

All – This is all the images you have on your device, including ones from your Facebook account and ones taken with the device’s camera, which are stored under Camera Roll.

Date – This section organises the images you’ve shot on your device in order. It’s broken up in monthly segments so you can keep track of all the snaps you’ve taken over the changing months.

Favourites – This section is dedicated to your favourite pictures. You can assign images here that are special to you, so they’ll always be easily accessible whenever you desire to see them.

To add an image to Favourites, simply open it up, click options and select ‘send to favourites.’

Social Networking Integration
The Pictures Hub also constantly pulls picture-related information from all your friend’s Facebook accounts, so the minute one of your friends uploads a new image or album, you’ll be able to view it in the ‘what’s new’ section.

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