Windows Phone 7: Messaging Tile


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A big part of the Windows Phone 7 mobile experience is messaging. Whether it’s keeping in touch with family or finding out where you need to your meet friends, you want to be able to send messages quickly and easily.

On the homescreen you’ll be able to see the messaging tile. Before you press it, you can see here if you have any messages. You can also quickly see if a message hasn’t sent if the face is unhappy instead of smiling.

When you click the tile, you are presented with conversations. Here you can see who you have been messaging recently, and by pressing one of the conversations you are able to reply.

Of course, you may want to send a message to someone you haven’t spoken to before, so just press the large plus button at the bottom of the conversations page. Once pressed, the messaging screen opens, allowing you to type in a contact using the onscreen keyboard. You can choose to press a letter, which displays all contacts you have containing the letter or letters typed, or 123 in the bottom left allows you to enter a number. Multiple contacts can be added with the small plus key in input bar.

Once a contact has been entered, you only need to press type a message speech mark and you can begin composing a message. The keys are arranged in Qwerty keyboard fashion, so the layout is instantly recognisable, though, there are a few differences. To add a smiley tab you can press the smiley face. This presents you with a variety of different smiley faces. If you wish to add one, you only need to press it once.

To add in punctuation, &123 brings up the list of signs, numbers and other useful characters you may wish to add in. For capitalising a word, just press the upwards shift arrow on the left side of the keyboard. If you wish caps lock to remain on, just press and hold your finger on the same key.

It may be you wish to add an attachment to go with an email. Windows Phone 7 makes this possible with the small paper clip button at the bottom of the message. It only takes one press, and you can see your camera roll, any saved pictures or from the 7 folder. Navigate to the file you want to send, and press the photo. It automatically puts it in the message for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything complicated.

If you make a mistake, Windows Phone 7 makes correcting it very simple. You only need to press the word to highlight it, and from here you can scroll left and right through suggested words you might have meant. Then press the word, and it’ll replace what you had before.

If you need to put my cursor in a particular location, for example, inside a word, hold down my finger in the messaging field. A cursor will appear above your finger for as long as you hold it, so you can place it wherever you like. Let go, and it disappears, leaving you to make any changes.

Once happy with your message, press the send button on the left of attachment, and the message whisks its merry way to whoever it was meant for – simple.

The last feature of messaging is accessed via the three dots located at the bottom right of the screen. From here, you can choose to turn on SMS delivery confirmations, and find my SMS centre number if needed.

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