Windows Phone 7: Marketplace Hub


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With Windows Phone 7, using the marketplace is easy. Simply press the marketplace button, and you’ll see three options; Applications, games and music. At the bottom of this screen are updates for downloaded content if I have any to download.

If you swipe to the right, you can see featured content. If anything here is of interest, press the tile to go to the download details, including details of the game, application or song, its user rating, screenshots, the written reviews, related content and then more from the developer.

If you want to purchase an application, choose buy. If you’re unsure, it’s possible to just try an application for a trial period. Finally, if you wish to share what it is you’re looking at with friends, you can opt to share via your set up email accounts. Swiping to the right again takes you to the second part of the featured items.

If you press applications, games or music, you are instantly taken to the relevant marketplace. From here, you can choose to search by all or a particular genre of music, genre of game or the type of application, making finding what you want easy as pie.

A quick swipe to the right brings up the top feed, which nicely displays the top content from the section. The next swipe takes you to new content, and finally you can choose to look at relevant featured content.

This coupled with a quick press of the search button makes finding whatever it is you wish to download incredibly easy, and within minutes you can be enjoying that new game everyone has been raving about, or the latest album from your favourite band.

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