Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits the 10,000 mark


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Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has officially hit the 10,000 – and it did so faster than both Android and iOS.

According to Pocket-Lint, Microsoft has been adding around 465 applications a week to its Marketplace store.

Microsoft hit the big 6,000 mark on January 12, and the company appears to be keeping the momentum going as we venture deeper in 2011, as the application store currently sits at the 10,191 mark.

Microsoft added 1,262 new applications to the Marketplace in the most recent week leading up to the milestone, illustrating its commitment to the growth of its mobile platform.

Gaming is still the most popular form of app on the Marketplace, with a 23 per cent share.

Payment figures for ‘trail’, ‘paid-for’ and ‘free’ applications are as follows: 30 per cent, 32 per cent and 38 per cent.

All in all this is rather good news for Windows Phone 7. Its Marketplace is seemingly going from strength to strength. Lets just hope it can maintain its ferocious pace, and the priority remains on quality, not quantity.

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