Windows Phone 7: Games hub overview


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Xbox Live is one of the most successful online gaming platforms and now it has been ported to smartphone with Windows Phone 7.

The Gaming Hub offers much more than just a way of playing multiplayer games, downloading games and playing against your friends. It allows you to take your Xbox Live account wherever you go.

Game downloads

You can download games either through the Windows Marketplace app store or though the Gaming Hub directly. There are loads to choose from and to take a look in more detail at some of those available from launch, take a look at our Windows Phone 7 launch game overview  [LINK].


Just like on Xbox Live, you can win achievements from games, whether you pass a level perfectly, learn a new skill or collect a special object. These achievements are listed alongside your account so you can brag to your friends and shoe them just how good you are.

Xbox Live integration

The Windows Phone 7 Games Hub can be integrated with your Xbox Live account so you can have your very own avatar and friend network on your device.

Multiplayer gaming

Windows Phone 7 is a community-based feature, meaning you can play multiplayer games in your community. You can also play other people outside of your community just by adding them.

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