Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac now available


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Windows Phone 7 Connector is now available in public beta mode.

So if you’ve just bought yourself a Windows Phone 7 handset but you do your personal computing on a Mac you needn’t worry as Connector allows the two opposing platforms to sync.

Once you’ve got Connector installed, you’ll be able to sync your Windows Phone 7 device with your Mac’s iTunes and iPhoto applications.

What’s really interesting though – besides the fact that we now have a Microsoft device that’ll sync with an Apple device – is that Microsoft turned the client around so fast that it beat every single American Windows Phone 7 device to the market, according to Engadget.

Click here for our guide on everything you need to know about Windows Phone 7.

Got a Windows Phone 7 device and an Apple Mac PC? Let us know how you get on with Connector in the comments below.

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