Windows Phone 7: Calendar


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Calendars are commonplace on smartphones, but the Agenda function on Windows Phone 7 is much more useful than simply showing you what you have on when.

The calendar function on Windows Phone 7 can be found in the Office Hub and connects with your existing Exchange or email account to ensure it’s always up to date with your work or personal account.

Whether you use Exchange, Google Mail, Windows Live or any other email service with calendars, you can be assured your phone will always be up to date.

Multiple calendars

Just as you can add multiple email accounts, you can add multiple agendas too.

If you have a number of different email accounts set up on your phone, you can either view a unified calendar with all your appointments colour coded according to which email account they’re linked to, or view your different calendars as separate entities, by swiping your finger across the screen.

Find a meeting location

If you’ve organised a meeting or accepted a meeting request with a location, you can view the destination on a map.

If yore not sure how to get to the meeting, you can also pull up detailed turn-by-turn instructions that will guide you to your location, just like a SatNav.

Email meeting attendees

You can send a meeting request to any of the contacts in your phonebook or email all attendees of a meeting, straight from the calendar application.

If you’re running late for example, send the message to everyone due to attend the meeting. It also means you can send round meeting notes to all attendees, without even opening your email application.

Send a meeting request

You can also send a meeting request to any of your contacts from the calendar In Windows Phone 7. Just set a date, enter the time and location and select the attendees.

Any appointments you add to your calendar will sync with your computer-based email account so you’ll never be late, or miss meetings again.

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