Triple Flip Windows Phone 7 concept device hits the web


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One of the first Windows Phone 7 concept devices has appeared online. The intriguing device, which is known as the Triple Flip, was designed by SchultzeWORKS design studio.

The device features a rather unique dual-flip out keyboard, which claims to pick up where normal Qwerty touchscreen devices left off.

We haven’t seen many Windows Phone 7 concept devices, bar the one Nokia put out, so it is quite interesting to see what the future may hold for Windows Phone 7 devices.

Here’s what Dave Schultze, lead designer at SchultzeWORKS, has to say about the Triple Flip:

“We looked at the areas where smart phones were falling short and then delivered seven innovations to make them truly better. We had a few more, but seven was a good place to stop.”

The new concept phone has seven new innovative features that attempt to push the phone factor to new, previously, unseen realms of usability.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of us ever actually seeing this Triple Flip device in the flesh is pretty slim – this is always the way with concept phones.

Nevertheless, you never know – Nokia might pick it up. Stranger things have happened.

Here’s the video for the Triple Flip device, courtesy of Windows Phone Secrets:

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