The Revenants – Corridor of Souls released on Windows Phone 7


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Now that Windows Phone 7’s marketplace has come alive, you are able to get your hands on The Revenants – Corridor of Souls, the work of developer Chaotic Moon.

In this touch-based action puzzle game you play the role of a newly formed spirit. The premise is to survive inside the haunted catacomb surroundings, and this is achieved by capturing and feeding on other ghosts, before they make a meal out of you.

This is done by drawing ‘whirling vortices’ around them, and by doing so you grow from being a weak spirit to a powerful revenant ghost-god. It’s fun, addictive and challenging to master as your enemies have a variety of attacks up their sleeves.

In similar fashion to that of Dark Nebula: Episode 2 on iPhone, The Revenants has a story-like feel to it, as each time a level is completed you travel to the next, spooky, graphically impressive room. Though the core gameplay remains the same, new surroundings help keep things fresh and progression more interesting.

In our limited time with the game, we were impressed when playing it on our HTC HD7. The presentation is top-notch, the sounds suitably eerie and it is a visually impressive game. Three difficulty levels help add to the longevity.

As it has been published by Microsoft Game Studios, it is an Xbox Live title, which means 200 gamerscore points are up for grabs if you can complete achievements.

The Revenants – The Corridor of Souls is available now on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, priced at a reasonably sum of £2.49.

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