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All Windows Phone 7 handsets will feature Microsoft’s very own Outlook Mobile. But what does this mean? Well, for starters you’ll be able to setup a variety of accounts from a variety of email providers on your Windows Phone 7 device.

Then there’s the unique view that Windows Phone 7 affords its user across its panoramic display.

And, if that wasn’t enough there’s even in-app support for multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts, so you’ll even be able to check your corporate and work email – should the mood take you!

Multiple Account Support
Having one email account on you’re smartphone is all well and good, but the majority of people at least two – some even three or four. For this reason, you need a device that can accommodate the needs of a modern, multi-platform-using, user.

Windows Phone 7 has support for Windows Live, Google, Yahoo and other well-known email clients.

Setting them up is simple, as well: you simply go into the email app and select ‘add an account’ at the bottom of the screen and follow the steps. It’s that easy – and, you can add as many as you like.

Within your email app on your Windows Phone 7 device you’ll be able to search for specific emails, reply to invitations straight from your inbox and perform mass-deletes, which gives you the freedom to always know that you’re on top of both your personal and professional life.

Within Windows Phone 7 you can also flick through your emails one-by-one simply by pressing ‘arrow’ keys. If you find one you no longer need, tap the ‘bin’ symbol and it will be deleted.

Alternatively, say you find a message that is extremely important, well then you’d better flag it. To do this, simply press the Options key and then select the desired location. Simple.

Unique Design
Like the rest of Windows Phone 7, the Outlook email app is designed to be unique and, more importantly, to make life easier for you, the user. It achieves this by displaying your emails across the app’s panoramic backdrop in the following sections:

All – this is where all your email goes. It’s you inbox proper.

Unread – this is where all your unread messages are, so you never accidentally miss one.

Flagged – in this section you can flag, or assign, important emails so they remain in plain sight and don’t get hidden under your other messages.

Urgent – this one’s a bit like ‘flagged’ in that if you get a very important email, you can send it here and it will remain there (in plain sight) until you delete it.

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