Nokia Windows Phone 7 Tango only launching in Asia?


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Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices may only be launching in Asia, a top news source has revealed.

Apparently, Windows Phone Tango will be released specifically for Nokia devices, and those handsets may only be available in Asian territories according to ZDNet.

Writer Mary-Jo-Foley spoke to one of her sources, who said Tango was ‘all about Nokia’ and the Tango release may be ‘focused largely or even exclusively on the Asian market’.

Windows Phone 7 Tango, Windows Phone Mango’s successor, will be an operating system specifically designed for budget handsets, in keeping with Nokia and Microsoft’s promise to bring some affordable Microsoft action to the table.

However, Eldar Murtazin, known for his likely leaks, said the Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two will also get updates to Windows Phone 7 Tango.

There are rumours the first Tango device will be released on August 17, but will it be a Nokia device? We don’t think so – after all, Nokia World is scheduled for October and this annual event is normally where Nokia launched its flagship handsets.

Mary-Jo-Foley’s source also said there will probably be more than one release of the Tango update before Windows Phone 8 is released as Apollo.

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