Microsoft Spring Sale is LIVE: BIG Savings On Surface Tablets & Windows 10 Laptops


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I’ll admit this to you right now: I had no idea, until very recently, just how well stocked the Microsoft Store was with goodies. I knew it existed but I just figured it’d be Microsoft stuff – consoles, Surfaces and the like.

I was wrong, though. The Microsoft Store has all kinds of Windows-powered gadgets and gizmos inside it and right now there is a rather epic Spring Sale on the go which sees hundreds of dollars knocked off the price of things like the Surface Pro 4.

Time For An Upgrade?

If you’re running an older laptop and fancy an upgrade, you should definitely check out some of the deals Microsoft has running for its Surface Pro 4 machines – you can get $200 of the RRP in some cases.

The Surface Pro 5 is expected to land in the not too distant future and what an update that will be! However – the Surface Pro 5, being new and shiny, will be rather expensive.

If you’re on a budget or want to save money the Surface Pro 4 is an excellent option. Even more so when you’re getting $200 off the RRP.

If you’re after something a little more potent, Microsoft’s excellent Surface Book is also reduced – $1299 (down from $1499). For that price you get an exceptionally well designed hybrid laptop with a 13.5in HD PixelSense display, Windows 10 Pro and a powerful 6th generation Intel Core CPU.

Xbox Deals


There’s also quite a few Xbox-related deals. The best one I saw was for a 1TB Xbox One with Tom Clancy’s The Division for $249 (down from $349). And you also get TWO free games as well. Not too shabby. 

There’s also a few games up for grabs as well as a refurbished Xbox One (500GB) for $179 (down from $199).

Windows 10 Laptop Deals

There are also a bunch of other laptops and tablets listed in the Spring sale. One tablet I’ve never heard of called the NuVision TM800W610L Signature Edition Tablet, runs Windows 10, and is up for just $69, though, given its specs, price and mysterious nature, I’m guessing its not very good.


The biggest sale item of all, though, is the Alienware 15 Touch Signature Edition Gaming laptop which has a MASSIVE $1100 knocked off its price – you can pick it up for $1399 (down from $2499).

The Lenovo Z50-75 Signature Edition is also present and has had $285 knocked off its RRP – $314 (down from $599).


The list goes on and on. But you should check out the full roster yourself for more details.

Microsoft’s Spring Sale also applies to fitness trackers, PC accessories and VR headsets like the HTC VIVE.

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