Microsoft integrates Spotify into Windows Phone 7


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Microsoft has announced a partnership with the popular PC music service Spotify, allowing it to integrate it into Windows Phone 6 and 7 as well as desktop PCs.

For those less music savvy, Spotify streams music to you, giving you access to millions of digital songs. You simply download the app, or program in the case of PC, and off you go.

You can then drag and drop songs to make playlists, share music with others via Twitter or Facebook, search for music, purchase music and much, much more.

The new Windows Phone version, which is now available for Windows Phone 6 users and 7 when it arrives, has been built from the ground up to suit the new mobile platform. Integrated into either the Music Hub or the start screen if you make Spotify a tile, the idea is you have instant access to your music collection, on the go.

”We believe in a world where music fans can listen to whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it. A world where people can listen to and share music instantly, simply and in fantastic quality,” says Daniel Ek, CEO and founder Spotify. “We’re delighted to be working together with Microsoft to bring the Spotify experience to Windows Phone.”

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, said. “We’re very glad to work in collaboration with Spotify to deliver a high quality, outstanding consumer experience on the Windows platform with Windows 7 and Windows Phone.”

This addition is yet more proof Microsoft is taking this reinvention of its mobile technology very seriously.

Spotify on mobile will require a premium paid account.

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