Live blog: Windows Phone 7 launch


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We’re live at the UK launch of Windows Phone 7. Watch our live blog from 2.30PM to see what’s happening.

14:36: Steve Ballmer is holding up the proceedings in New York.

14:37: Event begins – Windows Phone 7 is a renewed attempt at mobile.

14:39: Ballmer is live. “Been looking forward to this day for some time.”

14:40: Brings together the things you love. Focus points are “always delightful” and “wonderfully mine”.

14:44: Nine devices on display, all will be available in US. Dell Windows Phone 7 handset mentioned. All look pretty swanky.

14:46: Microsoft has worked with a wide variety of companies on its OS.

14:48: “Customer is king.” Microsoft makes itself accountable for the whole mobile experience.

14:50: Focuses on keeping everything as accessible as it can be.

14:51: (demonstration of Windows Phone 7 from Aaron Woodman).

14:53: Tiles are ‘live’, animated unlike icons.

14:54: Email and Calendar linked. Calendar displays work and personal calendar, imports from Exchange.

14:54: Looking at search. Displays not just airport search results, shows relevant times. Makes information ‘super relevant’.

14:56: Showing how easy it is to send photos to social networks. Emphasising how Windows Phone 7 makes everything seamless.

15:00: Windows Phone 7 displays all Facebook images. Can be saved to the handset. Can read comments on those photos from your phone.

15:03: Office Hub getting displayed. Changes made on phone update on PC in One Note, and vice Versa.

15:05: Zune integrated into Windows Phone 7. History of videos / music shown in music hub.

15:07: Artists can be searched. Sampled of artist can be streamed. Once again, all is done without application intervention.

15:08: Demoing Tesco app. Looks like Windows Phone 7 OS, clearly designed for the platform. Developers can easily take advantage of live tiles.

15:10: Games hub now on display. Xbox Live avatar integrated complete with gamer score.

15:11: EA is announced as onboard. The Sims will be available and other titles from the developer.

Shaking handset knocks over avatar. Other interactions also.

15:13: Copy and Paste being added in early 2011.

15:14: October 21 is handset release date. HTC Mozart is first up. 8-megapixel camera, Xenon flash. Samsung Omnia 7 next up, on T-Mobile and 3.

HTC Trophy available on Vodafone. LG Optimus 7 will have speech to text. Now showing the HD7 and its 4.3-inch display.

Final device is Dell Venue Pro. 4.1-inch screen, only WP7 handset with keyboard.

15:17: All six UK Launch handsets now confirmed.

15:20: Tom Alexander on stage, CEO of Everything Everywhere. Mentioning how users of either Orange or T-Mobile can share networks.

15:26: Stephen Fry in stage!

15:26: Fry: “Always loved smartphones”. “Microsoft understands that people… are human beings first.”

15:28: Saying Windows Phone 7 is fun. “felt enormous pleasure from using it.” talking about how the iPhone wasn’t perfect from the off. We shouldn’t judge from the off but welcome more players in the industry.

Saying Microsoft should be proud of it’s new mobile OS. Demos of devices beginning, end of show.

Remember to keep refreshing your browser to keep up to date with all the latest news.

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