How to use Windows Marketplace on the HTC Mozart


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The HTC HD7 features a Marketplace Hub that allows you to download and install thousands of apps onto your phone.

Here, we show you how to find, buy, download and install applications onto your HTC HD7.

How to find apps on the Marketplace

  1. From the Start screen, select Marketplace and then tap the Search button.
  2. Type in the name of the app you’re looking for using the title, a keyword or the developer.
  3. If you want to browse a category, take a look in the categories section to find an app.
  4. When your list of search results appears, search down the list. You can see here whether the results are applications or games.
  5. Tap the name of the app/game to open the information screen.

How to buy apps

  1. Once you’ve found your app using the instructions above, you’re presented with the application’s information screen.
  2. You will need to tap buy twice to confirm you wish to purchase it.
  3. You can choose to buy the application through your mobile phone account or by credit card.
  4. Mobile phone account will be chosen as default.
  5. You can switch between credit card payment and mobile phone payment when you get to the Confirm purchase screen. Tap on Switch payment method and then Add a credit card. Simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Downloading and installing apps purchased from Windows Market place
Applications will begin to download and install on your HTC HD7 when your payment has been accepted. The progress of the download will show on the screen, but if you navigate away from the app details screen, you can check the progress of the download by selecting Check install.

How to open applications

After your application has downloaded and installed, you will find it in the Apps list. To get here, swipe left from the Start screen. Games will appear in the Collection section of the Games Hub. Tap an application to open it.

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