Flash Player 10.1 coming to Windows Phone 7


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Adobe has confirmed that Windows Phone 7, amongst other platforms, will be getting Flash Player 10.1 support.

As we all know, Flash support has been at the centre of a serious debate amongst smartphone fan-bois – Android 2.2 has it and Apple refuses to adopt it.

Well, now it seems that Apple could be well and truly left in the dark if Adobe’s latest press release, which was unearthed by Pocket-Lint, is anything to go by.

Here’s the statement:

“Flash Player 10.1 is available on Android and Google TV today.”

However, it also said the following platforms – BlackBerry, HP webOS 2.0, future versions on Windows Phone, LiMo, MeeGo and Symbian – would be getting the Flash Player 10.1 treatment as well.

Basically, every platform bar Apple’s iOS will support Flash Player 10.1 in the very near future.

Expect to hear the ‘Jobs Spin’ on this this very soon… 

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