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Windows Phone 7 devices have all the connectivity you could wish for from Wi-Fi, to 3G, to GPRS. Basically, you’ll be able to get onto the web wherever you are.

Getting on the web is all well and good, but what use is a good connection without a decent browser?

Thankfully, all Windows Phone 7 devices ship with Internet Explorer Mobile. But what does IE Mobile actually do and, more importantly, what’s so good about it?

Ease of Use
When you boot up your Windows Phone 7 device you’ll see the Internet Explorer Mobile Tile on the start screen. To begin browsing the internet all you need to do is tap it and you’re away.

Alternatively, if you’d rather go via a search engine the simply tap the Search key, go into Bing and access the web that way – either way, you’ll get where you want to be in the end.

Multi-Tab Browsing
A lot of mobile browsers only have a single window for browsing. This is much good though, as most people are used to multi-tabbed browsing on their desktop PCs. Fortunately, Microsoft understands this and has included the ability to have up to six browsers going at any one time, bringing desktop-like browsing to your mobile device.

Simple Book Marking
If you frequent a lot of the same sites a lot, say the comments section of a newspaper’s website, you should probably just bookmark it to save yourself the hassle of entering the web domain every time you want to go there.

Fortunately, this is extremely simple in IE Mobile. Once you’re on the desired webpage, select the ‘add bookmark’ symbol (it’s the one of the left at the bottom) and it’ll add it to your bookmarks.

To view your bookmarks, simply press the centre ‘star’ symbol to open up your list of bookmarked sites.

Say you’re on a website but you want to get a better, more detailed, look at a picture or an extract of text? This is simple on Windows Phone 7, you simply pinch-and-zoom in on the location you want to see and you’ll zoom in on that exact spot. The text and image will automatically re-render and you’ll be able to see whatever you desire in sparkling clarity.
Sharing articles
Sharing an article or website with one of your friend’s or colleagues on a Windows Phone 7 device is very simple. You simply select Options, and select ‘share page’. You’ll then be presented with two options: Messaging or Google Mail. Select one, choose a contact and share away!

Find on page
Looking for a specific word or section on a website? Simply go into Options, select ‘find on page,’ enter the desired term and IE Mobile will find it – so long as it’s there, that is!

Pin to start
As we said earlier, everybody has his or her favourite sites – like Know Your Mobile, for example. Well, having the ability to pin website shortcuts to the Start page of your Windows Phone 7 device means that you don’t even have to open IE Mobile to access them.

To pin a website to the start page, simply select options when you’re on the desired webpage and select ‘pin to start’. Simple


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