Samsung’s Answer To Apple’s AirPods Just Leaked


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Galaxy Buds
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The Galaxy in your earhole

Apple’s AirPods were quite divisive when they first launched – not to mention easily lost – but they’ve gone on to become incredibly popular with iPhone users, so it’s not all that shocking that other hardware makers have copied the design.

It would seem that Samsung is the next firm to jump in, if a leaked promotional image is to be believed. The image, posted on WinFuture, shows the so-called ‘Galaxy Buds’ resting on the rear of what appears to be the Galaxy S10.

If you recall, there are rumours floating around that the S10 will showcase the ability to wirelessly charge other devices, so this setup might be intentional; the image is presumably intended to show that you can charge the Galaxy Buds via the phone itself, which will be handy when you’re out and about. Samsung’s not breaking new ground here, though; the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is capable of charing its FreeBuds 2 Pro Wireless earphones, too.

As for the name, it seems that might be set in stone as there are both trademark applications and Bluetooth certification records have been made by Samsung using his name.

Samsung is also expected to refresh its smartphone range this year, which means the stars are truly lining up; the S10 range will be one of the biggest in the Galaxy family yet with three variants (and a fourth which has 5G support, coming later in the year) and it seems it will be accompanied by the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch. What’s also noticeable is that the company has all but abandoned the ‘Gear’ branding and is instead pulling all of its products under the Galaxy name – a wise move, given the recognition that brand has with consumers.

Will the gamble work? It certainly won’t do the Korean firm any harm, but 2019 is shaping up to be quite a tough year in the smartphone sector, following a sluggish 2018 where nobody seemed interested in buying new phones. Samsung’s status as the world’s leading maker of smartphones means it’s under a lot of pressure to maintain the status quo, and much of that hinges on the success of the S10 range – and its associated accessories, like the Galaxy Buds.


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