Are These Google’s Upcoming Android Wear “Nexus” Smartwatches?


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Remember smartwatches? Yep, they’re still a thing and Google is apparently prepping two of its own which will leverage Android Wear and the company’s awesome Google Now platform.

These “Nexus” smartwatches are currently codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish and are still very much unofficial. Still, that’s never stopped leaks appearing before and today’s sneak peak at Google’s new smartwatches comes via Android Police, who managed to snag a leaked image of the watches.

According to the report, these two smartwatches will be released after Google’s 2016 Nexus phones. Android Police is confident in this rumour as well, rating it 7/10 on the solid-to-complete-BS scale. Exact release dates and pricing are still unclear, however.

The Angelfish is the larger of the two, which you can see below on the left. The unit features a large crown button flanked by a smaller button just above it. The overall design and finish of the Angelfish — likely the flagship unit — is fairly chunky and sporty and because it uses curved connectors on the strap it’s likely Google Mode Android Wear bands will not work with this model.

The Angelfish will function as a standalone device as well, thanks to its LTE chip, GPS and heart-rate monitor. It is believed this watch will be the posterboy for Google’s Android Wear platform; the means by which Google shows just what’s possible with its wearable platform.

“Swordfish has a clean, smooth look to it – with only that slightly odd crown button breaking up its extremely symmetrical and minimalist look,” the report added.

“It’s thinner, smaller, and lighter than Angelfish, and it will support use of MODE watch bands. Unlike Angelfish, the bezel on Swordfish has a gentle curve to it. Not pictured here is the fact that Swordfish’s display glass also contains a small amount of circular display bezel, so there will be a black “gap” between where the watch body ends and the visible display area begins. My speculation is that this is how Google is avoiding the flat tire on Swordfish – instead of having a single spot “cut” out of the circle, Google just made a smaller circle. This has an obvious downside (smaller display area overall), but it would be a clever solution to the aesthetic issue of the flat tire. We wouldn’t really know, probably, until the watch is seen in a live sort of context.”

What these watches will eventually be called is anyone’s guess — Nexus, Pixel… or something else entirely. All bets are off at present, as news circulates about Google prepping its own, in-house non-Nexus Android phones for later on this year.

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