Apple Watch 2: 9 Features & Updates We Want To See


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The original Apple Watch was released over a year ago. Since then, the device has won over a legion of fans and, according to reports, accounts for as much as 50% of the smartwatch market. Yet, so far, it seems not to have captured the interest on non-techies – it is not yet a “mass market” success, so to speak. Anyone I know that owns one happens to be an “in-the-know” person in the tech world.

They follow tech news, read tech sites, and generally are early adopters. I’ve yet to meet an “ordinary” consumer who has bought an Apple Watch. To be clear, by ordinary consumer I mean people like my mom or my brother who buy gadgets because those gadgets fill a veritable need. These are people who buy smartphones because they want the Internet in their pocket or the ability to pull up Google Maps at any time, or tablets because they can see the sense in a large touchscreen for the couch or in bed.

Wearables, in one form or another, have been around for years. Sony released a smartwatch way back in 2012 (or thereabouts) and Samsung and Google have been cracking away at the wearable market for a good 18 and 12 months, respectively, before Apple showed up with the Apple Watch. Unfortunately for them, though, Apple is very popular at the moment off the back of iPhone, multiple Steve Jobs films and books and a well oiled marketing machine. 

The Apple Watch, next to the iPad Pro and new Apple TV, is the first new product line Apple has introduced since 2010, when it released its first tablet, the original iPad. And now 12 months down the line, talk about the Apple Watch’s successor is starting to warm up. Most of the time it is the second-generation device that is actually the one worth waiting for as all the niggles and design creaks have been ironed out. 

Here’s 9 Things We Want To See Inside Apple’s Next Apple Watch. 

1. Better Battery

This is the most frustrating thing about the current Apple Watch. Less than a day’s battery life SUCKS big time. However,  the Apple Watch’s battery life issue isn’t entirely within Apple’s control. Battery technology just isn’t to the point where batteries can both be small enough and powerful enough to fit in and charge a device that’s as small as a smartwatch for days at a time – this is, after all, a problem still for bigger devices like smartphones and tablets. Still, there are ways via software and hardware that you can prolong battery life. Apple does this to great effect in the iPhones and to some effect in the first Apple Watch. Hopefully it’ll be able to make the Apple Watch 2 more power efficient, which could give it 48 hours of battery life on a charge.

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2. More Shapes


Right now the Apple Watch comes in two sizes, but both are rectangular. There are some beautiful Android Wear and Pebble smartwatches out there that have round clock faces–and they all look much better than the Apple Watch. There’s also the argument that making a smartwatch look too “techy” may be offputting for “ordinary” consumers who are more comfortable having something subtle, sleek, and sophisticated on their wrist that doesn’t scream “early adopter tech afficionado”. Here’s hoping the Apple Watch 2 gives us the option to choose from different shaped bodies.

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3. More Storage

The first Apple Watch has 8GB of built-in storage. That’s okay–especially for watchOS 1, which basically ran lightweight companion apps tethered to the iPhone. But now that watchOS 2 allows for dedicated apps (to some degree) more storage is going to become more important. Since Apple loves the 16 GB storage option on their iPhones, why not bump up the storage of the Apple Watch 2 by that much?

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4. Better Siri

Siri has already become speedier in watchOS 2, but because it still streams Siri through the iPhone it’s rather slow. We’d love to see a native onboard Siri with the Apple Watch 2. Of course in order for that to happen Apple Watch 2 would need the following…

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5.  Built-in Cellular and GPS

Yeah, if you want an Internet connection or working GPS, your Apple Watch needs to be paired with your iPhone. In order for the Apple Watch to be a truly stand alone device, it would need both its own cellular connection and built-in GPS. Of course if it had a cellular and GPS chip, you’re talking about components that eat through battery life, which doesn’t make the first item on our wish list any more plausible.

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6. More Sensors

Right now the Apple Watch has a heart rate sensor, but if it truly wants to be seen as a health/fitness device it needs more sensors. A blood glucose sensor is the most often requested, but also sensors like motion and barometer for tracking runs and step climbs would be a huge health boost. And waterproof that puppy so you could use it in the pool.

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7.  No iPhone Required

You may be seeing a theme here with our wish list: we want the Apple Watch 2 free of its iPhone ball and chain. It’s currently such a cool device, but it loses that cool and usefulness when your iPhone isn’t around. If it could do almost everything your iPhone could do think how amazing–and truly innovative–it would be. An iPhone on your wrist without the iPhone: calls, Apple Pay, Internet connectivity, you name it. 

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8. Android Support

That being said, if the Apple Watch can’t be free from the smartphone, AT LEAST also make the Apple Watch compatible with Android devices. This could go a long way to both increasing sales and tempting switchers to come over fully to Apple’s ecosystem.

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9.  FaceTime Camera

The last thing on our Apple Watch 2 wish list is also probably the most obvious. We want it to be Dick Tracy’s watch. We want that FaceTime camera at the top of the Apple Watch 2 so we can video conference with anyone anywhere from our wrist–and look damn cool doing it.

Amazing mockups by Alcion.

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