Apple and HBO Partner Up For VOD Service –– No UK Support, Though


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Apple has partnered with HBO to create a bespoke TV on demand service, and its landing just in time for new Game of Thrones –– that’s April 12 for all you none GOT fans. 

Apple’s had its eye on the TV space for quite a while now and has been slowly clocking up millions of Apple TV sales. The company unveiled its new line of MacBooks and the Apple Watch last night as well as taking time to detail its new deal with HBO, which will bring ALL of the networks TV shows to Apple devices for the sum of $14.99 a month. 

Users that sign up in April, however, will get one month’s free before having to cough up $14.99 a month. Up to now HBO content has only been available through HBO Go and via a user’s cable subscription service. The new service will bring all of this and more exclusively to Apple devices (iPhones, iPads and Apple TV). 

The exclusive launch deal between Apple and HBO is for three months,” reports Rolling Stone, citing BuzzFeed, “meaning that Apple has the exclusive for new digital distributors. This would include partners like Verizon or Comcast. We are still talking to all MVPDs and they could be there at launch.”

And HBO really does produce some of the best TV shows around. We’re talking the Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Deadwood, True Detective, Girls, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Eastbound & Down, VEEP and Band of Brothers to name but a few. 

“HBO’s new Now app will allow Apple TV users to sign up to the internet-only HBO Now service, using it to watch the network’s programmes through their set-top box for $14.99 per month. But the app will be restricted to US users, meaning that those in the UK will still have to watch Game of Thrones and other HBO programmes through Sky TV or by downloading it from other sources,” reports The Independent.

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