Xiaomi RedMi 8 Set Up Tips: A Guide For New Users

Setting up Xiaomi RedMi 8 isn’t hard; however, with this ‘ how to set up Xiaomi RedMi 8 smartphone’ guide, you won’t run into any issues. 

Aside from being an affordable device, Xiaomi RedMi 8 packs excellent features and functionalities that make it a smarter device than other mid-range smartphones. Thus, you have a reason to go get a Xiaomi smartphone for yourself or a loved one if you’re yet to. 

Before proceeding to set up your Xiaomi RedMi 8, you should take the following steps:

  1. Read the Xiaomi RedMi 8’s user guide to learn more about the phone. In the user guide, you would find information such as basic info about Xiaomi’s MIUI and other default apps, how to insert sim and memory cards into RedMi 8, device layout, warranty information, service center, etc.
  2. Charge the battery to 100% before usage. You should use the Xiaomi RedMi 8’s charger to charge the battery to avoid accidental damage due to charging errors.

After you’ve read through the user guide and charged your new Xiaomi Redmi 8 phone to 100%, you can then proceed to set up the Xiaomi RedMi 8 smartphone.

How To Set Up Xiaomi RedMi 8 For First Use

  1. Power-on the Xiaomi Redmi 8 by pressing the power button by the side for a second or two.
  2. The phone boots to a welcome screen displaying a big ’10’ and ‘MIUI 10’ icon. Tap on ‘Next’ (>) to continue to the language option.
  3. in the ‘Choose Language’ settings, scroll through the language options, and select your preferred language. For me, it will be ‘English US.’ Tap on ‘Next’ (>) to proceed to choose your region.
  4. In the ‘Choose your region’ settings, scroll through the listed regions and select your preferred region. Mine would be the UK. Tap on ‘Next’ (>) to proceed to connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  5. In the ‘Connect to Network’ settings, scroll through the various Wi-Fi networks detected by Xiaomi Redmi 8. Tap on a preferred Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-Fi password when prompted to do so. You can choose to ‘Skip’ this step, but you should note that connecting to a secure internet source is essential when it comes to activating a new device.
  6. Tap on ‘Next’ (>) to proceed to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page. Make sure you accept Xiaomi Redmi 8’s terms and conditions by checking the ‘I have read and agreed to the terms of service and privacy policy’ checkbox before clicking on ‘Next’ (>) to proceed to ‘Insert Sim card.’
  7. You can skip this step or insert your sim card following the user guide recommended steps for inserting a sim in Xiaomi RedMi 8. Tap on the ‘Next’ (>) icon to proceed to ‘check for updates.’ This process takes a minute or two.
  8. After checking for updates, you will be required to ‘Copy apps & data. Here, you have the options: 
    1. ‘Copy your data’ ‘From an Android or iPhone device or the cloud.’ 
    2. ‘Set up as new.’ ‘Get a fresh start.’ If you choose to start up as new, you can always retrieve relevant data later. For me, I would prefer to set up my device as new.
  9. Tapping on the ‘Get a fresh start’ lets the phone enter a ‘Checking info’ mode. This process lasts for a few seconds, depending on the Wi-Fi network connection strength.
  10. This step requires that you sign-in with a Google account. You can choose to ‘Skip’ this step, sign in to an existing Google/Gmail account, or ‘Create a new Google account. For me, I will be using an existing Google account.
  11. In the next step, you are required to sign in with your username and password. Tap on ‘Next’ to proceed to Google Welcome page.
  12. Read through Google’s ‘terms of service’ and ‘Privacy policy’ before tapping on the ‘I agree’ button. 
  13. The device checks for info and gets your account information before proceeding to the ‘Access your Assistant with Voice Match’ setup.
  14. You can choose to agree to use Google Assistant’s information and services by tapping on ‘I agree,’ or tap on ‘No, thanks’ to reject the offer of assistant from Google Assistant to proceed to ‘Google services’ settings.
  15. In the ‘Google Services’ settings, you can choose to disable services such as Backup & storage,’ ‘Location,’ ‘Improve location accuracy,’ ‘Send usage and diagnostic data,’ install updates & apps,’ etc. by toggling off the ‘Enable’ button. By default, these services are enabled; hence, you do not have to mess with these settings.
  16. Tap on the ‘Accept’ button to proceed. You would be asked if there’s ‘Anything else?’ you can choose to ‘Add another email account,’ or tap on the ‘No, thanks.’ Button to proceed to ‘Mi Cloud’ settings.
  17. In the ‘Mi Cloud’ settings, make sure the ‘Sync’ button is toggled on. In the  ‘Mi Cloud needs Permission’ dialogue box, tap on ‘Got it’ to proceed.
  18. Grant necessary permission to the ‘Mi Cloud’ by ‘Allowing’ it to make and manage phone calls and other permissions before proceeding to ‘Sign in to your Mi Account.’
  19. You can sign-in to an existing Mi account, create a new Mi account, or ‘Skip’ this step.
  20. If you’re skipping the above step, you should tap on ‘Skip’ in the ‘Skip setup’ dialogue box at the bottom of the sign-in page before proceeding to the password page.
  21. You can set up a ‘Fingerprint’ or ‘Only screen lock’ password. Setting up a fingerprint password will also create a screen lock password as a backup password. I will proceed with setting up a ‘Fingerprint’ option. 
    1. Choose either ‘Pattern,’ ‘PIN,’ or ‘Password.’’ I will proceed to choose a ‘Pattern’ password. Tap on ‘Got it,’ or ‘Not now’ in the ‘Remember your password’ dialogue.
    2. Proceed to ‘Draw unlock pattern.’ Draw your unique unlock pattern again and tap on ‘Confirm’ to proceed to ‘Add your fingerprint.’
    3. You should scan your index finger on the fingerprint scanner at the back of the Xiaomi Redmi 8 smartphone. Tap on ‘OK’ to proceed to the ‘Additional settings’ page after your fingerprint has been ‘Added successfully.’
  22. On the ‘Additional settings’ page, services like ‘Location,’ ‘User Experience Program,’ Update automatically,’ etc. are enabled by default. Tap on next to proceed to ‘Choose a theme.’
  23. Tap to choose either ‘Default’ or ‘Classic’ theme and let your device apply the chosen theme to complete your Xiaomi RedMi 10 phone setup.
  24. Your ‘Setup is complete.’ Tap on ‘Next’ (>) to let the device prepare your home screen.
  25. Tap on ‘Next’ (>) to proceed to your home page.
  26. Before proceeding to the homepage, you would be asked if ‘There’s anything else?’ tap on ‘No, thanks’ to continue to the home screen. 
  27. Now your device is ready for first use.

Wrapping Things Up…

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