After being verified on Twitch for a brief moment, JiDion found himself banned from the platform indefinitely. What exactly was the reason behind it?

Those of you that pay attention to the streaming world will know that there is quite often some kind of drama going on. Sometimes it’s a publicity stunt, sometimes it’s the real deal.

It’s similar to the celebrity world in many ways – used as a tool to get attention, particularly when some of the bigger names are involved. In this circumstance, it was one of the biggest streamers on Twitch involved, Pokimane.

This Is Why JiDion Got Banned From Twitch + Was It Deserved?Pin

Sometimes, bans come off the back of some very serious allegations, though, which we believe to be the case in this situation. Here’s what happened in the lead-up to JiDion getting banned from Twitch:

Why Did JiDion Get Banned On Twitch?

Just one day after he had become verified on Twitch, JiDion did something he’d soon regret. After his stream, he sent a viewer raid to popular streamer Pokimane, but instead of sending positive vibes as most streamers do, he did quite the opposite.

Armed with “L + Ratio” copied and ready to paste, JiDion sent his army of viewers over to Pokimane in a very disruptive manner. Many other viewers decided to get a little more creative with their messages.

It’s believed that JiDion also told his viewers to “Whisper” (DM) Pokimane’s regular viewers the same message in order to have as big of an impact as possible.

Pokimane reported this as harassment, and after originally only banning JiDion for just two weeks, Twitch decided a perma ban would be more appropriate for this kind of behaviour.

Was This Punishment Deserved?

Twitch viewers are split over how harsh this permanent ban from the platform is for the actions that took place. While the split is mostly divided by the fan base of the respective streamers, there are some mutual users that have made some good points.

Did JiDion really mean to cause as much harm as he did – forcing Pokimane to end her stream early – or was he trying to just have some friendly banter? Was it an attack or a misunderstanding?

JiDion has already claimed that his harsh punishment is a result of sexism, racism and favouritism from Twitch. In terms of sexism and favouritism, we know of a few examples where female streamers have gotten off lightly.

One female streamer who quite clearly engaged in sexual activity during her stream (even if it was out of view of the camera), was only banned for one week. Another popular female streamer also got away with very little punishment after throwing her cat over her head.

We’re not entirely sure where the claims of racism come from, though, especially considering that Pokimane is of Morrocan descent herself

Either way, Twitch have the final say and as of today JiDion is still permanently banned from the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

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