Font choice is super-important when designing web apps, websites, and social media platforms. But what font does Discord use?

Discord is one of the most popular productivity applications on the planet. Discord is free to use, it supports video, voice, and text chatting and, like Slack and Teams, it is basically a communication platform, a place where your entire team can hang out, share ideas, and communicate.

I recently switched my team from Teams to Discord after experiencing a multitude of issues with the Teams app for iPhone. It crashed too often, it wouldn’t open on occasion, and Microsoft constantly badgering me to CONFIRM my login details just got too much, so I moved my team over to Discord.

The switch was a breeze, most of my team prefer using Discord, and the Discord app, both for desktop and mobile, works way better than Teams. One of the things I really like about Discord, however, is its design and general UX – it just looks really rather smart. From the logo itself to how the desktop app is designed and arranged.

It does look quite a bit like Slack, so if you’re familiar with that software, you should feel right at home on Discord. Obviously, designing an app that looks and feels as polished as Discord does require plenty of design knowledge and know-how. And one of the most important aspects of ANY application is its font choice. That’s what you spend the most time looking at, after all.

What Font Does Discord Use?

Like all good apps and social media platforms, Discord uses a simple and beautiful font inside its desktop and phones apps. Discord uses a font called Uni Sans across its entire platform. There are variations, of course, different sizes and weights, but the font you look at whenever you’re using Discord is Uni Sans.

What Font Does Discord Use? A Guide For The UX CuriousPin
The Uni Sans Font Used By Discord

Why Uni Sans? Well, this font is renowned for being extremely easy to read, for rendering quickly, and for its versatility. As of right now, there are many, many variations of Uni Sans, and you will see these used across Discord in different places. Collectively, there are 14 different weight options for Uni Sans and hundreds of potential sizing options.

As with most similar platforms, Teams and Slack, for instance, you cannot change the default font in Discord. You can change the size of the text if you wish but, when it comes to actual font design, you’re stuck with Uni Sans. Not that this is a bad thing; Uni Sans is one of the nicest fonts to look at and work with, so you shouldn’t have too many complaints in this context.

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