This post will show you the Samsung Smartwatch size comparison…

Samsung Galaxy watches incorporate numerous smartwatch features all in one piece. Not to mention, the Samsung smartwatch remains the best after Apple’s smartwatch series

Take, for instance; the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch incorporates a heart rate monitor, BP monitor, ECG, GPS tracking, etc. Also, it gives you the feel of checking time status in old-fashioned analog-style while listening to music or answering calls from a smartwatch. 

However, it is essential to get a Samsung galaxy smartwatch that will fit your wrist without being too tight or too loose. 

This Samsung smartwatch comparison chart will help you decide the best Samsung smartwatch size to go for.

But, before we proceed, let’s answer this question.

What Samsung Smartwatch Sizes And Dimensions Are Available?

Samsung Galaxy watch has two sizes:

  1. The smaller 41mm size for small/medium wrist size
  2. The bigger 45mm size for medium/large wrist size.

The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch sizes comparison chart below will give you more information about Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch categorized based on size.

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Size Comparison Chart

 Features Galaxy Watch 2 (42mm) Galaxy Watch 2 (46mm) Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm) Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm)
Display Size 30mm 33mm 1.2 inches 1.4 inches
Length  45.7mm 49mm 41mm 45mm
Breadth  41.9mm 46mm 42.5mm 46.2mm
Depth 12.7mm 13mm 11.3mm 11.1mm
Weight  49g 63g 43g 48.2g
Dimensions 45.7 X 41.9 X 12.7mm 49 X 46 X 13mm 41 X 42.5 X 11.3mm 45 x 46.2 x 11.1mm
Resolution 360 X 360 px at 278ppi 360 X 360 px at 278ppi 360 X 360 px at 278ppi 360 X 360 px at 278ppi
Battery 270mAh 472mAh 247mAH 340mAh
GPS Yes Yes Yes Yes
LTE Optional Optional Optional Optional

Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Tizen OS vs Wear OSPin

What Galaxy Smartwatch Size Will Fit My Wrist?

If you have a small wrist, the 41mm version of Smartwatch 3 or the 42mm version of Smartwatch 2 will fit perfectly. If your wrist is 46mm or smaller, then the 41mm version of Galaxy Smartwatch 3 will be perfect for your wrist. 

If your wrist measures between 46mm to 51 mm, your choice of a bigger or smaller galaxy smartwatch will depend on your preferences. However, opting for a bigger wristwatch size gives you the following benefits:

  • Larger display for easier reading and texting 
  • More battery power to last you an extra day
  • You can choose either the titanium or the stainless-steel version.

Hence, your choice of the best size will depend on the factors below:

  1. Your wrist or watch size: If you have a larger wrist, your best option will be the 45mm version of Galaxy smartwatch 3. Conversely, if you have a small wrist, the smaller version of Watch 3 with a rose-gold colored case and strap will look good on your wrist.
  2. Watch weight: This is an essential feature if you’re opting for the larger version of Watch 3. A titanium casing weighs less on your wrist, thus compensating for the bulkiness of the 45mm version of Smartwatch 3.
  3. Casing materials: Galaxy smartwatch 45mm comes in two casing options; a titanium casing or a stainless-steel casing. The titanium option accounts for a lighter smartwatch.
  4. Colors: Available colors include Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, Mystic White, Rose Gold, Midnight Black, and Silver.
  5. Battery capacity: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has a 48-hour life expectancy 
  6. Strap: 20mm, or 22mm? Which would you prefer?

To get an accurate size of your preferred Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, you would have to walk into a Samsung Galaxy store and try out both the 41 and the 45mm versions. That way, you can walk out with the one that fits your style, irrespective of size.

What Can The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Do?

With a Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, you get a customizable smartwatch with intuitive navigation to easily switch between apps. 

Not surprisingly, Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches can track 40 activities and automatically track seven of these activities. Hence, you don’t have to manually set your smartwatch to keep track of your regular exercise activities.

Other features you can enjoy include: 

  1. Water resistance rating of 50meters or 5ATM.
  2. Tizen OS 4.0
  3. Memory: 
    1. LTE: 1.5G RAM, 4GB internal memory
    2. Bluetooth: 768MB RAM + 4G internal memory
  4. Sensors: Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyro, HRM
  5. Compatibility with Android and iOS mobile devices.
  6. ECG 
  7. Heart rate monitor
  8. Sleep tracker and stress level monitor
  9. AMOLED display 
  10. GPS tracking: the inbuilt GPS functionality makes Smartwatch 3 ideal for an accurate recording of workout sessions.

Can I Make And Receive A Call On My Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch?

If your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch is 4G-enabled, you can make and receive calls on your smartwatch even when you’re far from your phone. 4G LTE option is available in both the 41 or the 45mm Galaxy Smartwatch. 

Therefore, irrespective of your preferred Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch sizes and dimensions, you can use your smartwatch as a smartphone whenever you are without your smartphone.

Although Samsung still leads other Android smartwatch makers, we are hoping to see more smartwatch series that will compete favorably with Apple’s Smartwatch Series 6 and other preceding series in terms of build and functionality. 

Bottom Line…

We have a Samsung Galaxy guide to provide an accurate overview of how to get the best Galaxy smartphone and smartwatches at the best price. However, if you don’t know what version of the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch to go for, you can always use our Samsung deal finder tool to help you get the best Samsung deals.