How To Unlock Your Phone (The #1 Simplest Method)

By Richard Goodwin •  Updated: 02/06/20 •  4 min read

Unlocking your phone used to be a massive pain in the ass but now, thanks to a host of new start-up companies, you can do it all online (and in less than 24 hours)…

Not so long ago, unlocking a network-locked phone was a pain. You had to call your network, speak to an advisor, get some codes, and even then, it might not work. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Nowadays, you can unlock your phone in a relatively stress-free manner.

That’s where companies like DirectUnlocks come in; they provide a one-stop-shop for unlocking your phone. The process is simple and it is all done online. I sat down for a coffee with the owners last week to discuss the state of phone unlocking in the UK.

I’ve unlocked a few of my phones in the past, so I know how annoying the process can be. For this reason, I was eager to hear more about its service which promises to take the headaches out of unlocking your phone once and for all.

Benefits of Unlocking Your Phone:

Why Do People Unlock Their Phones?

DirectUnlocks told me that 32.5% of the unlocks they perform come from about to be sold devices, meaning people are trying to maximize their returns by unlocking the phone they’re attempting to sell. Why does this matter? Think about it: if you bought a phone online, wouldn’t you rather it could be used on ANY network, not just one?

How To Unlock Your Phone
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For this reason, it always pays to run unlocked phones. If you buy outright, you won’t have this problem. However, most people get their phones on contacts and this means, nine times out of ten, that their phone will be locked to their network of choice. When the time comes to sell the phone, you DO NOT want this. You want your phone 100% unlocked, as it will increase the resale value of it on sites like Gazelle.

How Do You Perform A SIM Unlock?

Because we are talking about DirectUnlocks in this post, we’ll take a look at its unlocking process – it’s only four steps (and that’s one of its main USPs):

And, BOOM, your device is unlocked. Simple, right?

Things To Keep In Mind…

Unlike a lot of unlocking companies, DirectUnlocks isn’t a reseller. It will do a full manufacturer unlock that will whitelist your device for life. All of its unlocks are performed over the air (OTA), so your phone stays with you while the unlock is happening, and the entire process usually takes no more than 24 hours. If you got a Samsung phone, it can be unlocked in six hours.

How To Unlock Your Phone
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Once your phone is unlocked, you’re free to shop around for new, cheaper SIM-only deals. Our current #1 most-recommended SIM-only deal is Three’s Unlimited Plan – it’ll net you unlimited data, unlimited tethering, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts for just £20 a month (and 5G is included).

That’s about as good as it gets for data deals in the UK right now.

How To Unlock Your Phone
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