The battery percentage indicator on iPhone is back in iOS 16! Here’s how to see it.

Longtime iPhone fans are excited about a small feature tweak that has just appeared in the 5th beta of iOS 16. That feature tweak allows the user to display the battery percentage inside the battery icon that lives on the top of the iPhone’s screen on either side of the notch.

Here’s what you need to know about showing the battery percentage in the battery icon status bar menu on iPhone?

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Why Is The Battery Percentage Icon A Big Deal?

Prior to the release of the iPhone X in 2017, the battery percentage of the iPhone was always displayed in/near the battery icon in the iPhone’s status bar. The battery percentage allowed a user to quickly glance exactly how much charge was left on their battery (for example, say, 56%).

But with the release of the iPhone X, and on all notched iPhones thereafter, Apple did away with the battery percentage indicator in the status bar. Why? It had to do with screen real estate. Now that the Face ID notch took up most of the top of the screen, there was little room left for the status bar on either side of it. That means essential status icons, like those for cellular signal and time, needed to be prioritized for the available real estate over other status indicators.

For what it’s worth, notched iPhone users could still see the battery percentage, but then needed to swipe down to open Control Center to do so. If they did this, the battery percentage would appear next to the battery icon (you can see this for yourself if your iPhone is running iOS 15 or older).

The return of the battery percentage to the iPhone’s status bar in iOS 16 is a big deal because it’s a little convenience many iPhone users sorrily missed.

How To Show The Battery Percentage In The iPhone’s Status Bar

Showing the battery percentage in the iPhone’s status bar is pretty easy. However, note that, for now, this requires that you are running Beta 5 of iOS 16. The iOS 16 beta is available as a download to developers and the public.

Also, keep in mind that the battery percentage feature may not make it into the final release of iOS 16. We don’t see that as likely, but Apple could always decide to crap the battery percentage indicator.

So, as long as you have Beta 5 of the iOS 16 beta running on your iPhone, here’s how to show the battery percentage in the iPhone’s status bar:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Battery.
  3. Google the Battery Percentage switch to ON (green).

And that’s it. Now, look up to the lefthand corner of the iPhone’s display. You’ll now see the numeric battery percentage indicator appear inside the battery icon in the status bar.

Also keep in mind that as of now, displaying the battery percentage indicator inside the battery icon in the status bar appears to work for most iPhones with Face ID, but not all of them. This is likely a bug that will be addressed in future versions of the iOS 16 beta.

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