How To Screenshot RealMe Phone – The #1 Simplest Method

Got yourself a RealMe phone? Want to know how to screenshot on a RealMe phone? Well, wonder no more – here’s how it’s done…

Whenever you get a new phone, you have to relearn some things. In this case, we’re talking about screenshots. And, more specifically, how you capture on on RealMe phones.

The process of taking a screenshot on a RealMe phone is very simple, however, so don’t stress it – once you know how you’ll never forget.

And this method will work on ALL RealMe phones, including newer models like the RealMe 8 and RealMe 8 Pro.

And that is down to the magic of RealMe UI – RealMe’s gorgeous Android software, which has built in screenshot editing tools.

Here’s how you do it…

How To Take Screenshot on RealMe Phone

  • Get what you want to screenshot loaded up, a webpage for instance
  • Place your finger and thumb over the power button and the volume down button
  • Press down the POWER and VOLUME DOWN button together, at exactly the same time
  • You should hear a SHUTTER sound; this means the screenshot has been captured
  • Your screenshot will now be saved to your screenshot folder inside the Gallery App

Editing Screenshot on RealMe Phone

Now that you have your screenshot captured, you probably want to edit it, right? Make it look a little more presentable for when you share it online or inside a tweet.

Again, this is really simple – just go to your GALLERY APP and find the screenshot in question (it’s inside your SCREENSHOT folder, remember) and click the hamburger menu (three flat dots) and select EDIT.

You can now edit the image as you see fit. You can remove the navigation keys and notification bar (where your signal strength and battery rating is located), or you can add in additional effects and texts and really personalise it.

Once you’re done adding stuff and editing the screenshot, simply hit save and your image will be saved to your phone ready to be shared.

Simple, right?

Also, if you’re using Google Photos, this can screw up where your images and screenshots are saved, so if you using Google Photos, and you cannot find the screenshot in your RealMe GALLERY app, then chances are it is in Google Photos.

Personally, I use Google Photos for everything. This way all my images and pictures are synced in the cloud across all my devices. Google Photos also has a better image editor than RealMe’s stock photos app, so if you don’t use Google Photos, make sure you download it and check it out – it’s really useful (and you get loads of free storage too).

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