How To Get Apple TV’s Screensavers On Your Mac

Love the Apple TV’s screensavers? Now you can get them on your Mac.

Wondering how to get Apple TV’s screensavers on your Mac? It’s no wonder. The Apple TV’s aerial screensavers are some of the most gorgeous screensavers ever. If you’re not familiar with them, don’t worry. We explain what they are and how to get them on your Mac below.

Apple TV Screensavers

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The Apple TV is arguable the best digital media player on the market. Sure, it’s much more expensive than a Chromecast or Roku, but the interface is second to none. Navigate an Apple TV for a few hours and you’ll realize how archaic other digital media players feel.

But the Apple TV is more than just a great UI and fluid, easy access to content. The Apple TV also helps your television look gorgeous, too. This is thanks to its set of built-in screensavers – particularly the set known as the aerial collection.

At last count, the Apple TV running tvOS 15 and later had over 100 aerial screensavers. These are subdivided into themes. For example, there are the landscape screensavers that show natural locals around the world as well as cityscapes. Then there are the aerial screensavers shot from the International Space Station. These look down upon the earth as it rotates around.

There are also underwater aerial screensavers that show underwater environments and animals like seals. And the newest collection features scenes from some gorgeous national parks.

Why Are Apple TV Aerial Screensavers So Cool?

People love Apple TV’s aerial screensavers because they look gorgeous. Apple archives this by shooting video in high-resolution 4K and a high frame rate. When that frame rate is played back at regular speed it produces a slow, fluid video of the subject of the screensaver.

This slow, fluid playback results in a gorgeous explosion of eye candy that looks truly stunning on 4K and HDR TVs – and looks almost just as good on 1080p HD televisions, too.

How To Get Apple TV’s Screensavers On Your MacPin

Apple Doesn’t Make Apple TV Screensavers Available On The Mac

What’s really surprising is that Apple doesn’t make the aerial Apple TV screensavers available on the Mac. This is especially surprising because Macs often have better screens than your living room television.

Regardless, for whatever reason, Apple chooses not to make the Apple TV screensavers on the Mac. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t get the aerial screensavers on your Mac.

Here’s how to do just that…

Aerial – The Mac App That Lets You View The Gorgeous Apple TV Screensavers On Your Mac

How To Get Apple TV’s Screensavers On Your MacPin

Thankfully there’s a free open source app called Aerial that allows you to get all the aerial Apple TV screensavers on your Mac. As the developers describe it:

“Aerial is a macOS screensaver that lets you play videos from Apple’s tvOS screensaver. This includes classic Aerial videos shot over various cities and locations (New York, San Francisco, China…), Earth videos from the ISS, and the new underwater videos introduced in tvOS 13. Starting with version 2.0, Aerial also includes videos from 3rd parties that kindly shared them, and you can also now add your own!”

But the Aerial is arguable even better than the screensavers on your Mac. That’s because the app allows you to display additional information on the screensaver on your Mac. For example, you can overlay things like a clock, weather, timer, battery life, or date indicators right on the aerial screensavers.

And best of all the Aerial app is a free download and is free to use. You can download the Aerial app for your Mac via the app’s website here.

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