How To Enable DARK MODE In Android 10 (The #1 Easiest Method)

By Richard Goodwin •  Updated: 01/27/20 •  4 min read

How To Turn On Dark Mode In Android 10

Turning on Dark Mode inside Android 10 is super-easy; just follow these steps to enable Dark Mode:

That’s literally it; all it takes to enable Dark Mode in Android 10 is a few scrolls and a couple of clicks. Once Dark Mode is enabled, it will run across the entire Android 10 UX, as well as inside all Google Apps, all currently-supported applications like Reddit and Google Discover. In addition to this, third-party apps are now getting in on the action too. Dark Mode for WhatsApp is beginning to roll out to all Android phones.

Dark Mode for iPhone is also a thing too, thanks to Apple’s iOS 13.

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The ONLY Google app Dark Mode doesn’t work in by default is Gmail; here, you have to enable Dark Mode manually. To enable Dark Mode in the Gmail app, follow these steps:

Android 10 Dark Mode Benefits

Why are Apple and Google pushing Dark Mode inside Android and iOS? For one, it looks awesome. But that’s not the real benefit. No, the real benefits of Dark Mode are myriad, ranging from the fact that it is better for your eyes to the fact that it uses less battery. The #1 Dark Mode benefits are listed below:

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Why OLED Phones Benefit Most From Dark Mode

OLED panels, when showing black pixels, don’t use any power. This means that when your phone is Dark Mode, huge portions of the display and UX are using ZERO battery power. This is a specific benefit of Dark Mode that is exclusive to OLED phones like the Google Pixel 4, the OnePlus 7 Pro, and Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. How much battery do you save with Dark Mode enabled on an OLED Phone? Quite a lot; perhaps as much as 30% in some cases. But you HAVE to have an OLED panel to reap these rewards. Dark Mode has NO impact on LCD phone’s battery lives. All pixels are powered on LCDs, white and black.

This is why it is important that more and more laptops start embracing OLED displays. Combined with Dark Mode, the benefits are enormous. Imagine getting around 30% more battery life from your laptop or tablet? It’d be awesome and, in most cases, justify the extra money it’d cost to buy (OLED products are more expensive).

As OLED becomes more common on ALL computing devices, expect to see big shifts in battery performance on devices like tablets, hybrid laptops, laptops, and even things like PC monitors.

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