How To Enable Chrome Flags (In 4 Simple Steps)

By Richard Goodwin •  Updated: 01/25/21 •  4 min read

When you enable Chrome flags, you get access to hidden Chrome features like Reader Mode, Force Dark Mode, and plenty more besides. And best of all, it’s super simple to do!

New versions of Google’s Chrome browser drop pretty regularly but before they become official they have to go through A LOT of testing. This is done with beta builds. But how do normal people – like you and me – get early access to beta build of Chrome?

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Simple: you have to enable Chrome Flags – and doing this is actually really easy, as you’ll see below. What are Chrome Flags? When new features are added to Chrome, but are not yet live, Google hides them behind Flags. Enabling Flags in Chrome gives you access to these new features in your browser.

How To Enable Chrome Flags
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To Access Chrome Flags, Simply Type “chrome://flags” Into The Chrome Browser

Of course, features that are hidden by Flags in Chrome are not designed or ready for the prime-time. They might not work or, worse still, they might negatively impact your machine’s performance. As always, be mindful when you’re messing around with beta features – they’re in beta for a reason.

How To Turn on Chrome Flags

We’ll know go through the simple steps of enabling Chrome Flags in Google’s Chrome browser. Please note: this method works on ALL types of Chrome browser – from Windows, Mac, and Linux to iPad, iOS, and Android.

How To Restart Chrome Browser (The #1 Simplest & Quickest Method)

You can enable as many flags as you want inside Chrome’s Experimental Mode but you will be required to restart the browser before any of them take effect. And to restart the Chrome browser simply type chrome://restart into the browser and hit enter. Chrome will not restart and reopen once it is done rebooting.

Best Chrome Flags To Enable?

If you’re new to Flags in Chrome, or you just want some guidance on what new Chrome features to try out, here’s a selection of awesome Chrome Flags to try with your newly acquired developer status.

These are just a few of the best, hidden features currently available inside Google’s Chrome browser. There’s plenty more, though, so make sure you spend some time looking at what is available under Chrome’s Flag options.

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