It’s got killer specs and a great camera, but does the Samsung Galaxy A71 have wireless charging?

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is a great phone. With it, you get access to flagship-grade spec and features for considerably less than Samsung’s Galaxy S21. This is why Samsung’s A-Series phones are so popular.

Sadly, the Samsung Galaxy A71 does not have wireless charging capabilities. This feature – at least when it comes to Samsung phones – is reserved for its more expensive, flagship devices like the Note 20 and Galaxy S21.

Not that this is much of a problem, anyway; Samsung’s wireless charging, even on its $1000+ phones is pitifully slow. Like, 25W tops. And that is rubbish for a big tech brand like Samsung, especially when compared to what RealMe and OPPO phones can do.

RealMe and OPPO phones can and will do 65W and 40W wireless charging, respectively. If wireless charging is important to you, I’d be looking at those phones – most specifically the RealMe X50 Pro – over the Galaxy A71.

Is Wireless Charging That Important?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, no, wireless charging, while useful, isn’t something I’d actively require from a phone – at any price point. It is a nice feature to have, sure, but compared to conventional wired charging, it is painfully slow.

I have a few OPPO and RealMe phones knocking around my office, and a VIVO phone too, and they all have super-fast wired charging – anywhere from 45W to 65W.

This means, with just 10-20 minutes of charge time, I can take any one of these phones from around 20-30% battery life to 100%. That is more useful than wireless charging, in my opinion.

Plus, Samsung’s wireless charging is rubbish anyway, so when I’ve actually had it on phones that I’ve been testing I never actually used it anyway.

What’s the moral of the story here? Simple: you’re not missing out on anything.

Plus, the Galaxy A71 makes up for this in other areas. You have a headphone jack, for one, and microSD support. And 5G. It even has a Super AMOLED Plus display and comes with 128GB of storage as standard.

Add in the fact that it also looks like a flagship phone, but retails for a third of the price, and I could care less about it not having wireless charging.

And while competition is extremely stiff at this end of the market, with awesome options from RealMe, VIVO, and Xiaomi, as well as emerging brands like POCO, I think Samsung is still very much leading the way here.

From a quality control perspective, looking at both the hardware and the software on offer here, you’re just not going to run into any problems with this phone. And that, alongside its killer specs and price, is why it is more popular with consumers than Samsung’s fancier, more expensive models.

How To Add Wireless Charging To Galaxy A71

Of course, if you want wireless charging on your Galaxy A71, there is a way of installing it but it is fairly long-winded and, honestly, probably isn’t worth the hassle.

But if you have a spare thirty minutes on your hands, and some spare cash, pick yourself up a wireless Qi adapter for the Galaxy A71. Once this is installed on the phone, you can then use the Galaxy A71 on Qi wireless charging stands and mounts.

Again, I don’t think it is worth the hassle. And I don’t know anyone that likes wireless charging enough to do all of that. But if you want to do it, you now know how to go about adding wireless charging to the Galaxy A71.

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