What’s the deal with expandable storage on the Pixel 7 Pro? Does it have an SD slot? Let’s find out…

The Google Pixel series is renowned for its top-tier features, high-quality camera system, and smooth, intuitive user experience.

The Pixel 7 Pro is the latest iteration in this series, boasting numerous upgrades and improvements over its predecessors.

However, many potential buyers are often curious about one specific feature – an SD card slot. Does the Google Pixel 7 Pro have an SD card slot? Let’s delve into this feature and its implications in greater detail.

Storage Options in the Google Pixel 7 Pro

In terms of storage options, the Google Pixel 7 Pro comes with a variety of internal storage sizes to cater to different user needs.

These typically range from 128GB to 512GB, providing ample space for apps, files, photos, and videos. However, the Google Pixel 7 Pro does not include an SD card slot.

This follows Google’s trend since the inception of the Pixel series, which has consistently opted for a unibody design without expandable storage.

The Shift Away from SD Card Slots

The shift away from SD card slots is not unique to Google. Many high-end smartphone manufacturers, such as Apple and Google, have moved away from offering expandable storage options in favor of larger internal storage. The reasons behind this shift are manifold, including considerations of design aesthetics, device performance, and data security.

Implications of No SD Card Slot

The absence of an SD card slot in the Pixel 7 Pro means users cannot expand the storage beyond what is initially available. This limitation necessitates careful consideration of storage needs when purchasing the device.

If you plan on storing a large amount of high-resolution photos and videos or using memory-intensive apps, choosing a model with more internal storage would be wise.

Cloud Storage as an Alternative

Despite the lack of an SD card slot, Google provides alternative solutions for expanding storage. The most notable of these is Google’s own cloud-based storage service, Google Drive.

This allows users to store and access their files, photos, and videos in the cloud, freeing up local storage on their device. Google Photos also offers a service to back up photos and videos in high quality.

Storage Options for the Google Pixel 7 Pro

In conclusion, while the Google Pixel 7 Pro does not have an SD card slot for expandable storage, it does offer a range of internal storage options to cater to various user needs.

In addition, Google’s robust cloud-based storage services provide an effective alternative for managing storage on the device. Thus, while the lack of an SD card slot might be a deal-breaker for some, the Pixel 7 Pro still provides ample solutions for managing and storing data.

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Steve G1CMZ
Steve G1CMZ
5 months ago

What about adding an external SD card reader or usb flash drive?
Are these allowed?