Best SONOS Speaker For Gaming? Our Picks For 2021…

If you’re looking to up your gaming experiences, one of the quickest ways to do it is to upgrade your TV’s audio. But what is the best SONOS speaker for gaming?

If you’re a gamer, you probably already have a 4K TV and a large one at that. But like most people, you might be putting up with sub-par audio. And when you consider just how integral audio is to gaming, this is probably something you should think about sorting out.

You have LOADS of options when it comes to cheap speakers for TVs. But in this post we’re going to be looking at SONOS speakers because they’re A) brilliant and B) great for gaming. How do I know? Because I use SONOS speakers for my gaming and have done for years now.

SONOS makes a lot of speakers now, though, and they’re all slightly different. This makes choosing the right SONOS speaker for gaming more difficult, especially if you’re not particularly well versed in the complicated, jargon-filled world of speakers.

This post is designed to be simple to understand, easy to follow, and actionable. By the end, you’ll know exactly what SONOS speaker to get, where to get it from, and why it is the best option for gaming.

Best SONOS Speaker For Gaming

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3. SONOS Beam

The SONOS Beam is smaller and doesn’t have as many speakers as the SONOS Playbar. It is a soundbar-style speaker that is designed to sit in front of your TV. The audio, however, is brilliant. What it lacks in overall “loudness”, it more than makes up for in quality.

Best SONOS Speaker For Gaming? Our Picks For 2021…Pin


If you have a smallish living room, or you need something for a dedicated gaming room, the SONOS Beam is a brilliant option. It is the smallest of SONOS’s soundbar speakers and it is also the cheapest too, with respect to soundbar options.

In addition to sounding great, the SONOS Beam also supports Alexa as well, so you can talk to it, get it to book you an Uber, order stuff from Amazon, and read your Audiobooks via Audible, as well as use it to switch on your TV, providing you’re connected via an HDMI ARC input.

For the price and the sound quality, as well as the fact that it has Alexa built-in, the SONOS Beam is a really great option for upping your living room’s audio on a tighter budget. As noted above, it does lack the power of the Playbar and the ARC but if your room is smaller, this is not an issue.

Best Price | $399.99 / £399.99 – SONOS

2. SONOS Playbar

If you’re in the market for an all-in-one speaker system, one that does everything, and you don’t want to spend megabucks, the SONOS Playbar is a great option.

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The Playbar is the ARC’s predecessor; this means it is essentially a similar device, although the ARC is definitely better. But because the ARC is now #1, the Playbar can be had for very little money – you can get one certified refurbished via SONOS for half the price of the ARC.

The Playbar is a great option if you just want to give your gaming audio a shot in the arm. The speaker features an array of tech that helps create its room-filling sound. The bass is enormous and there are plenty of high and mids in play too, which helps create a full and detailed sound.

As a straight-up gaming speaker for your TV, as well as for all your TV needs too, the SONOS Playbar is an amazing option for those on a stricter budget. You’ll get amazing sound, beautiful design, and all the connectivity you normally get from a SONOS speaker.

Best Price | £409 / $409 – SONOS (Refurbished)


The King. The Daddy. The Boss. The SONOS ARC is SONOS’ flagship soundbar speaker. It packs in 11 speakers, a myriad of tweeters and plenty of woofers, and it kicks out a truly enormous sound, making it the perfect choice for gaming, movies, and TV shows.

Best SONOS Speaker For Gaming? Our Picks For 2021…Pin


The SONOS ARC can be mounted on the wall or sit in front of your TV. It doesn’t really matter where you put it, though, because this thing sounds HUGE. I have one in my living room and I use it ALL the time; it’s amazing for spots, movies, and, of course, gaming.

Like all SONOS speakers, the ARC will connect and sync up with all the other speakers in SONOS’ range, so you can add in even more sound to the mix if you wish, creating a truly surround-sound experience in your living room. The ARC also supports Dolby Atmos too, so you know you’re getting the best possible sound quality on the market.

The SONOS ARC is the most expensive speaker on this list. But it is also the best – by a considerable margin. The ARC is powerful enough to be used as a standalone speaker, meaning you won’t need any other speakers in the room. It also has all the connectivity and I/O you’d expect from a modern soundbar.

If you can stretch to its cost, this is the type of soundbar you’ll use and love for years to come. Ideal for music, movies, and gaming, the SONOS ARC is by far my favorite soundbar speaker on the market right now. I honestly could not live without mine. It really is that good.

Best Price | £799.99 / $799.99

Wrapping Up: What’s The Best SONO Speaker For Gaming?

If you want to best sound quality, the loudest and biggest output, and the best features and specs, the SONOS ARC is the one to go for. It is pricey, for sure, but once you plug it in and hear it you will know where all that extra money went.

The SONOS Beam is a great option for those on a budget, or those that have smaller rooms. The sound quality and features on the Beam are great. You get the full SONOS experience, just for a lot less money than the ARC. It does, however, lack the punch of the ARC and the Playbar.

If you cannot afford the ARC, the SONOS Playbar is your next best option. The Playbar, despite being refurbished, serves up masses of performance and power. Think of it as the SONOS ARC Lite, just at a much more palatable price than the SONOS ARC.

The best speaker overall for gaming, however, would have to be the SONOS Arc (it is an absolute powerhouse). For sheer performance and sound quality, nothing else comes even remotely close. It will fill any room, its bass is earth-shaking, and it features Dolby Atmos. What more could you possibly want!?

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