No. But many of them are. Here’s what you need to know about Apple Watch Ultra band compatibility.

The Apple Watch Ultra is the king of Apple Watches. It features the Action button, which lets you map specific controls to it, Night Mode, a Siren, terrific battery life (up to 60 hours), and more.

The Apple Watch Ultra is also the largest Apple Watch Apple has ever made. The Apple Watch Ultra measures in at 49mm – that’s much larger than the 45mm Series 8. But that begs the question: is the Apple Watch Ultra compatible with older Apple Watch bands? Bands made for the Series 8 and earlier?

The answer to that is “it depends.” Here’s what you need to know about Apple Watch Ultra band compatibility.

Apple Watch Ultra Bands Compatibility Guide: What Fits & What Doesn't...Pin

Apple Watch Ultra Bands

When Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra in Fall 2022, the company also released three band options that were designed for the Apple Watch Ultra. Specifically, the bands were designed for certain activities Apple Watch Ultra may partake in. Those bands are:

  • Alpine Loop: this orange band is designed for mountaineers and hikers. Apple describes the band as “two integrated layers made from one continuous weaving process that eliminates the need for stitching. The top loops, interspersed with high-strength yarn, provide adjustability and a secure attachment for the titanium G-hook fastener.”
  • Ocean Band: this band is designed for divers and water sports enthusiasts. Apple describes the band as “specifically for extreme water sports and recreational diving with a titanium buckle and corresponding spring-loaded loop. Molded from a flexible fluoroelastomer, it stretches and utilizes the tubular geometry for a secure fit. The Ocean Band also has an optional extra-long tail that allows users to comfortably wear over a wetsuit.”
  • Trail Loop: this band is designed for runners and triathletes. Apple describes the band as being “the thinnest Apple Watch band to date. The lightweight woven textile is both soft and flexible, allowing it to cinch to the optimal fit, and the convenient tab is designed for quick and easy adjustment.”

When you buy an Apple Watch Ultra you get the voice of having one of the above bands included in your purchase. Apple doesn’t make any other bands specifically designed for the Apple Watch Ultra, but you can use select Apple Watch Series bands with the Apple Watch Ultra….

What Apple Watch Series Bands Are Compatible With The Apple Watch Ultra?

Not all Apple Watch bands Apple has ever made are compatible with the Apple Watch Ultra. This is because the slider portion of the band (the part you clip into the Apple Watch case) comes in varying widths. Some widths are too narrow to clip into the massive 49mm case that is the Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple says the following bands will work with the Apple Watch Ultra:

  • Apple Watch Ultra bands (49mm)
  • 44mm Apple Watch Series bands
  • 45mm Apple Watch Series bands

However, Apple warns that 44mm and 45mm bands should “only be worn for casual, everyday wear” and not for extreme sports activities like diving, climbing, or triathletes.

Apple also warns that two types of bands – the Braided Solo Loop or Solo Loop – might not sit as tightly on your wrist with the Apple Watch Ultra as they do for the Apple Watch Series watches. This is because these bands are closed loops and because the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra case is physically larger than the 44mm and 45mm cases, the bands don’t need to be as long:

“If you like the Braided Solo Loop or Solo Loop and want to use one with Apple Watch Ultra, you might need to use a smaller size than you’re used to due to the larger case size of Apple Watch Ultra. Before purchasing a Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop to use with your Apple Watch Ultra, try the bands with your Apple Watch Ultra.”


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