If you’ve just bought yourself a nice new Apple HomePod Mini or you’re anticipating the arrival of one in the near future, here’s the fastest way to get set up and make the most of your new gadget.

As you’d likely figured out yourself, the Apple HomePod Mini is Apple’s answer to Google’s Nest Mini and Amazon’s Echo Dot. When it comes to picking amongst them, we tend to stick with the same brand for our phones, tablets, and PCs, but they’re all certainly still great products in their own right.

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The Apple HomePod Mini was first released in November 2020, many months after the initial release of the first HomePod in February 2018. The OG HomePod has since been discontinued with rumours that it didn’t meet sales expectations.

If you recently purchased one or plan to do so soon, you’ll be relieved to learn that the HomePod Mini is simple to set up and operate. You’ll be listening to your music in crystal clear clarity within minutes and the sonic brilliance of this little smart speaker will never cease to amaze you.

Setting Up Your Apple HomePod Mini

Place an Apple HomePod or HomePod mini on a counter, table, shelf, or another flat surface with plenty of room around it to get started. To power on, the gadget must, of course, be connected to a wall socket. When the HomePod is set for the next phase, it will emit a chime and a pulsating white light.

Grab your iPhone or iPad, unlock it, then hold it near the HomePod until the words ‘Set Up’ show on the screen. The process will begin when you tap, and you will be guided through the steps by on-screen instructions.

The Home app can be used to change these basic settings later. When prompted, centre the HomePod in the on-screen view of the camera to complete the connection. Give the HomePod a few moments to warm up before it greets you and shows you some instances of how and when to use it.

What Can The Apple HomePod Be Used For?

The HomePod’s primary function is to play music. You can achieve this in a variety of ways using Siri.

If you use Apple Music, Siri can also play your “own radio station.” “Hey Siri, play some music,” is all you have to say. This will play a mix of music from your music library, as well as music you’ve enjoyed in the past and some related tracks – similarly to Spotify song stations. It’s a good way to listen to music when you’re not sure what you want to hear.

But what if you want to listen to music on your iPhone or via a different app, like Spotify? not a problem! as the HomePod is essentially an AirPlay speaker like any others you may have used before.

Start listening to music and then hit the circular AirPlay symbol at the bottom of the play screen, then select your HomePod as the output device.

You can instruct Siri to pause or restart music, skip songs, and change the volume while listening to music on a HomePod. Even when the music is loud, the HomePod appears to have a remarkable capacity to hear orders. You can make use of the following instructions:

  • Siri, Play!
  • Siri, Play!
  • Hey Siri, turn up the volume to 65%.
  • Siri, stop.

You can give Siri a long list of commands to customise what you’re listening to and how you’re listening to it.

Troubleshooting Your Apple HomePod Mini

If the camera isn’t available for any reason while setting up a HomePod, you can input a four-digit passcode that Siri will speak through the HomePod. If the setup page does not show after holding an unlocked iPhone or other Apple device close by, the Home app can be used to manually complete the process.

To add a new device, press the plus icon, then Add Accessory, then ‘Don’t Have a Code’ or ‘Can’t Scan’ at the bottom of the screen. A list of available devices will display; tap HomePod, then follow the on-screen directions to complete the setup.

If the problem persists, it might be due to a Wi-Fi issue. This may be fixed by first connecting the iPhone or other Apple device to Wi-Fi and then sharing that connection with the HomePod. Open the Home app, hold down the HomePod symbol until the word ‘Settings’ displays, then press ‘Move HomePod to [network name]’.

It’s worth noting that you can’t set up a HomePod or HomePod mini on a Mac computer. While utilising one of these devices makes communicating with the HomePod the easiest, it is not essential for day-to-day use. In most circumstances, voice instructions will sufficient, which h implies a HomePod may be set up by a friend or family member who possesses an Apple mobile device, even if they do not even live there.

Apple HomePod 2 Release Date

If you haven’t yet purchased your HomePod mini, it’s worth noting that, following the discontinuation of the original HomePod, Apple has mentioned that it will make a return in the form of the HomePod 2.

When Apple announced the discontinuation of the first HomePod in March 2021, it raised a few questions. Although the company’s flagship smart speaker was four years old at the time, it was still one of the best wireless speakers available. Furthermore, Apple has not announced a successor.

Apple usually releases new products on a yearly basis, so it’s hard to say when the new HomePod 2 will be released, considering there has been no movement for a few years now. However, most tech analysts predict an early 2022 release date for the Apple HomePod 2.

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Update: the 2023 HomePod is here!