AKG Y400 Battery Life – Good Value For Money?

AKG are a very reputable audio brand. They’re known for providing exceptional audio quality and state-of-the-art features – but how do they do with battery life? Let’s take a look at the AKG Y400s.

With all the new technology being released for them these days – like active noise cancellation – wireless headphones are growing in popularity.

But how can you decide whether or not to purchase a set of wireless headphones when there are so many benefits, drawbacks, and unanticipated problems to consider? Which wireless earbuds are either the best or best suit your needs?

Wireless headphones are usually always handier than corded ones since they can connect wirelessly to your music player or smartphone. Additionally, they allow for greater flexibility of movement and are more portable.

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But there are several elements that must always be taken into account with wireless gadgets of any sort, with the product’s battery life perhaps being the most crucial. What’s the use of having wireless devices if you can only use them for a short period of time before they need to be recharged?

If you are considering the AKG Y400 headphones as your next audio provider when enjoying your favourite media, the battery life they offer is needed to be considered – so let’s take a look!

AKG Y400 Battery Life

Sensitive to 106db of audio and offering 50mW of power consistently, the AKG Y400 headphones can provide up to 20 hours of battery life before they need a recharge – that’s 4 hours of commuting entertainment Monday to Friday without having to worry about charging them.

That is of course the battery life of the case and not listening time, which sits at around 6 hours – similar to many top competing products.

Additionally, the wearer-detection technology on these headphones, which stops playing when you take them out of your ears, has been enhanced and is much more dependable on the Y400 than on earlier AKG models.

By simultaneously holding down the Ambient Aware and play/pause buttons on the earcups for five seconds, you can turn off this useful battery-saving feature, though we’re not sure why you’d want to.

Does The AKG Y400 Have ANC?

Unfortunately, if active noise cancellation is a feature you’re looking for in your next pair of headphones, you’ll want to steer clear of the Y400s.

It’s hardly a surprise, though, given the intention of this product – to provide high-fidelity audio at a much more affordable price.

Compared to other headphones that come at a similar price tag, you do get a great amount for your money, though, including the audio quality, the battery life and many more features accessible on a nifty mobile application.

AKG Y400 Price

The AKG Y400 headphones were designed with the primary objective of providing AKG’s high-end audio at a price point that was more accessible to a wider audience. The headphones retail for only £109.99 or $149.99.

This is a reasonable price taking into account not only the vivid design, but also the battery life, intelligent functions, and audio quality that are included.

In the event that you are interested, you may get the AKG Y400 headphones through Amazon, John Lewis in the United Kingdom, as well as straight from AKG in the United States.

Always shop around to see if you can get a sweeter deal though, as is often the case with products like this on Amazon and across the online retailing world.

Are The AKG Y400s Worth The Money?

Taking price and battery life into the equation, as well as our knowledge that AKG provides consistently high-quality audio products and has done for a long time now – are the AKG Y400s worth their price tag?

Let’s take a look at the sound quality these headphones provide, as well as the general build quality and overall feel of this device.

AKG Y400 Sound Quality

The AKG Y400 is intended to make high-end audio quality more affordable for a wider audience. While many other brands are trying to do the same thing, it’s hard to argue against the idea that AKG is succeeding here – as they usually do.

On-ear headphones often lack bass since strong bass requires a solid seal around the ear, but the Y400s manage to offer remarkably punchy bass in spite of this. It accomplishes so without sacrificing the midrange frequencies, and there is fantastic frequency representation across the entire spectrum.

This results in a snappy, energising playback suitable for anything from pop to punk when combined with a rich mid-range and clear highs.

AKG Y400 Build Quality

There is a wide range of colour options for the AKG Y400 headphones, including Black, Pink, Green, Blue, and Rose Gold. They have a distinct shine that allows them to catch the light beautifully, and the matte texture avoids fingerprints and other types of smudges quite efficiently.

The headphones are mostly composed of plastic, which draws attention to the fact that they are entry-level products; yet, they also have a flexible brushed-metal frame that maintains the internal structure and keeps everything steady.

In addition, it is noticeable in specific spots, such as over the top of the headband, lending the headphones a look that is almost industrial. Because they are on-ear headphones, comfort is of the utmost importance. On-ear headphones fit on your ears rather than around them as over-ear versions do.

The good news is that the earpads have a really velvety feel to them, and they also offer sufficient cushioning, which enables users to use the headphones for the whole day without experiencing any discomfort in their ears.

A number of controls are conveniently located on the cup, allowing you to quickly respond to incoming calls, adjust the music that is playing, and access the digital assistant on your smartphone.

In the event that the cans run out of juice, there is a USB-C outlet for charging them as well as a 3.5mm headphone socket for the cable that is supplied in the package.

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