Why we love the iPad 2


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Apple has just launched the iPad 2 and its specs are pretty staggering. Here’s why we love it…

Dual cameras

We’ve been waiting for a camera on the iPad 2 for a while and hurrah! It’s finally here. Not only does the iPad have two cameras, but it supports Facetime too, so you crazy kids can get FaceTiming right away.

Although specs haven’t officially been announced, one must be pretty high spec as you can upload HD video to websites using iMovie.

The front facing camera is VGA resolution.

PhotoBooth is also now available on the iPad, so you can start snapping away self portraits and stylise them as you please.

Woohoo – imaging on the iPad – who’d have thought?


Apple has finally embraced some third action with an HDMI support.

HDMI out means you can connect your iPad to the TV and watch videos in 1080p glory.

This wasn’t even one of the rumours, but is a golden nugget.

Size and shape

We always though the iPad was a little bulky, which is why we’re overjoyed Apple has trimmed it down and lightened the load.

The Wi-Fi only iPad 2 measures 8.8x241x185mm and weighs just 601g, where the 3G+Wi-Fi iPad may have the same dimensions but weighs 613g.

Strangely, Verizon’s3G+Wi-Fi iPad 2 weighs a lighter 607g.


One of the high points of the iPad over other tablets is there’s 65,000 apps on offer.

Extras for the iPad 2 include iMovie for editing and uploading HD video to websites and GarageBand for editing tunes.

Apple continues to take the lead where apps come about and we’re happy with that, yes siree.


iOS 4.3

iOS 4.3 is the much-needed update to the iPad’s OS.

It brings a whole load of new features including AirPlay enhancements, a speedier Safari browser, iTunes Home Sharing for sharing your music around your home over Wi-Fi and a menu for the iPAd side switch. If you want the side switch to mute the iPad, you can set that to happen.

If you want it to change the orientation of the screen, you can set the screen to change orientation when you tap the switch.

An option that has been missing on iDevices for quite some time is


Speed is king and the iPad 2 proves that with its dual core A5 processor with faster graphics processing too.

According to Apple, you can do twice the work at once, multitasking is smoother, apps load faster and everything works better.

iPad Smart Covers

A cover is pretty important to keep your iPad 2 in check and without scratches.

Apple has innovated a new cover system that allows you to magnetically slip your case onto the iPad.

When you open the Smart Cover, the iPad will wake up. When you close it, the iPad will go to sleep again.


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