Who is Jonathan Ive?


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Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design has been in the news a lot lately.

Rumours suggest he’s about to head back to the UK with a nice tidy sum of £25 million in shares tucked in his back pocket.

But who is Mr Ive, where did he come from and how important is he to Apple?

Who is he?

Jonathan Ive designed a number of important products for Apple, including the iPhone, iPod and iPad. He was also responsible for the unibody MacBook Pro, iMac and PowerBook G4.

If you rave about Apple’s design, he’s probably the person you should be giving the credit.

Ive started working for Apple in 1992 and became senior VP of industrial design in 1997.

Known for his simple, yet seamless designs, he’s won a whole load of awards for his work. You can check out a list of these below.

Where did Ive come from?

Jonathan Ive was born in Chingford in London in 1967 and went to school in the borough before moving to Staffordshire.

Ive studied Industrial Design at Newcastle Polytechnic and then went on to work at a London design consultancy.

He then joined design house Tangerine that worked quite a lot with Apple’s design teams.

After impressing the pants off Jobs & co with his innovative ideas, Ive was invited to take the jump across the world to Cupertino into a job at Apple.

At first, the designer was disillusioned working for Apple because he didn’t have the impact he thought he would have working in house at a company.

However, when Jobsy returned to Apple, times took a turn for the better and Ive had a lot more say about how products were innovated.

Awards et al

During his 20-year career at Apple, Ive has won a fair few awards. Here’s a selection:

  • 2002 – Design Museum’s Designer of the Year Award
  • 2003 – Design Museum’s Designer of the Year Award
  • 2006 – Awarded a CBE for services to the design industry
  • 2007 – National Design Award for the iPhone
  • 2008 – MDA Personal Achievement Award
  • 2009 – Honorary Doctorate from Rhode Island University, Honorary Doctorate from Royal College of Art

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