Updating software over the air on the Nokia N78


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Your Nokia N78 is packed with some of the latest mobile phone features and software, from Wi-Fi connectivity and HSDPA high-speed 3G to A-GPS satellite navigation capability and Symbian S60 smartphone capability.

But it doesn’t stop when you get the phone out of the box. Nokia regularly introduces software updates that users can download online and install on their handsets, which can add new features, improve existing functions, fix bugs, improve battery life and so on.

The latest updates can be found on the support and software sections of Nokia’s website. You can select your handset model and check if there are any updates available to the current version of software installed on your phone (you can type *#0000# in standby mode to get the software version onscreen). Updates can be downloaded quickly and easily using Nokia Software Updater software on a PC and your phone’s supplied USB cable.

But on the Nokia N78, you can also update software over the air directly to the phone. It’s easy to do, and you could end up with a significant improvement in your phone’s performance.

We describe how to do it below. You can check for updates and download using a mobile network data connection, or you could do it via a Wi-Fi by selecting a WLAN connection point on your N85. Be aware that if you’re using a mobile network connection, unless you have an inclusive data deal you could end up with additional data charges for download software updates.

Also, it’s important that before installing a software upgrade you make sure that all the data on your phone, contents and contacts have been backed up to a PC or on to a memory card. You can use the in-box Nokia Nseries PC Suite software and USB cable to synchronise and back up these with your PC.

Updating software

  1. Press the Menu button (Figure 1).
  2. Scroll to highlight Tools (Figure 2). Press Open.
  3. Scroll to highlight Utilities (Figure 3). Press Open.
  4. Scroll to highlight Device Manager (Figure 4). Press Open.
  5. You will see details of the phone’s current software version and date (Figure 5). You can normally check for the latest software version online at Nokia’s support and software section. To check directly from the phone, press Options.
  6. Highlight Check for updates (Figure 6). Press Select.
  7. A message appears asking if you want to connect to the internet (Figure 7). Press Yes.
  8. You can now select which access point you want to use. You can choose a mobile network or a WLAN connection. You can use a WLAN connection to avoid any potential mobile data costs and to get quicker downloads (Figure 8).
  9. Highlight the WLAN or mobile network you want to use (Figure 9). Press Select.
  10. The phone now connects to the Nokia server and shows whether any updates are available (Figure 10).
  11. If an update is available, press Accept to download the update. The software update starts downloading (Figure 11).
  12. A message appears asking if you want to install the software update (Figure 12). Press Now if you want to install it.
  13. A message appears reminding you to backup your phone’s data before installing the software (Figure 13). Press Accept if you want to proceed (if you haven’t yet backed up your phone, press cancel and do so before installing the software update later).
  14. A message appears telling you that the phone can’t be used during the update and that the phone will restart (Figure 14). Press Accept.
  15. The phone will start updating. In a few minutes, the phone restarts and a message appears: Phone updates: Update complete. Press OK. Your update has been completed and the phone is ready for use again with the latest version of software installed.
  16. Reinstall any files or contacts you have backed up.


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