Tesco Mobile offering “flexible” 4G from £10 per month


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Tesco has announced it will introduce 4G “at the cheapest premium on the market,” under its Tesco Mobile brand. Customers will be able to opt-in for 4G connectivity for as little as £2.50 on top of their existing 3G tariff.

“Recognising that not all customers understand 4G and what it will hold for them personally, Tesco Mobile’s tariffs give customers the flexibility to try out 4G at their own pace,” the company stated.

According to Tesco’s press release, the 4G service is full flexible as customers will be able to add or remove 4G capability from their tariff whenever they like. You will also be able to increase or decrease data allowances on the fly or add a data cap to avoid the dreaded “bill shock” with the Tesco Mobile Capped Tariff.

Customers can take advantage of Tesco Mobile’s “Anytime Upgrade” to switch to a 4G-capable smartphone whenever they wish, this operates similarly to O2’s Refresh setup where customers have separate tariffs for the phone and talktime and may choose to pay off the phone early in order to upgrade it. In fact, Tesco Mobile’s tariffs utilise O2’s network, so coverage will be the same.

SIM only contracts are also available with 4G. 4G-enabled tariffs start from £10 per month, with the £10 package including 500MB of 4G data and 250 free minutes.

Simon Groves, chief marketing officer of Tesco Mobile, said, “4G is amazing and will revolutionise the way we use our mobile phones so of course we want to make it accessible and easy for all our customers to try it and enjoy it. 

“As Tesco Mobile launches 4G we’re bringing it to all our customers at a great value price and if it’s not for them, they can switch back to 3G or adjust their 4G data allowance to suit their needs whenever they like.  It’s why we call it Flexi-bendi 4G and its what makes our 4G offering the most customer centric in the market.”

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