T-Mobile makes international calls cheaper


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T-Mobile pay-as-you-go users can now enjoy reduced rates when calling abroad.

Calls to mobiles in destinations like Africa now cost 20p a minute, with calls to landlines at 15p a minute, making keeping in touch with distant relatives a little less painful on the wallet.

Although the EU has managed to reduce costs users incur when making international calls, and subsequently competition has brought down the price further, pay-as-you-go doesn’t always enjoy the same lower-pricing.

This addition comes to the T-Mobile International Pass and the International Weekend Rewards offer, the latter an offer that gives you £10 of free credit at the weekend if you top-up between Monday and Friday.

Patrick Coxen at T-Mobile, said, “It’s important to us that our pay-as-you-go customers feel rewarded and we hope this offer helps them keep in touch with family or friends who are away from home.

“We know how essential low rates are to our customers, so we’ve made sure we’ve kept our rates per minute competitive, as well as rewarding our customers for topping up.”

T-Mobile pay-as-you-go customers can sign up to the International Pass service for free by texting INT to 441.

Before you run off to called loved ones abroad, remember to check the costs for each country. There is no guarantee T-Mobile is the cheapest when it comes to calls – do some homework.

Also, if travelling abroad, remember to disable data roaming to avoid coming home to a nasty bill.

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