T-Mobile G2 overclocked to a stable 1420MHz


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The T-Mobile G2 is no slouch. Fresh out of the box it runs at a dependable and brisk 800MHz, which is more than enough to take care of even the most demanding user. But some thoughtful geeks felt that T-Mobile weren’t allowing the device to make use of its full potential and decided to crank the clock speed up a notch…or 10.

When clocked to 1420MHz the device boasts a score of 49.4 MFLOP/s, which is almost an 80 per cent improvement on its box fresh score. According to the developer/hacker behind the project Michael Huang (@coolbho3k), the device remains pretty stable at the higher clockspeed, owing to a minor increase in voltage to the CPU.

The G2 hasn’t been rooted so far, but this achievement is a good indication of just how powerful and versatile the device could be, when put in the right hands and also serves to illustrate the real-time benefits of open standards, though the G2 isn’t the most open of Android devices.

Overclocking isn’t for everyone though and we don’t recommend you try it unless you’re well aware of the risks! The most concerning of which would see your shiny new phone sitting on a cloud, playing a harp.

Via Android Central


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