Sony PSP phone rumours resurface… again


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Rumours that the Sony PSP phone is in the works have once again reared their sleek, stylish, and most probably glossy black, head again. According to a Japanese business newspaper, a development team is to be assembled by Sony next month, with the aim of coming up with the oft-mooted mobile gaming phone.

We’ve been hearing rumours of the PSP phone for ages now, so long it almost feels like they pre-date the PSP itself, but this time they’re a little more substantial. The source, Nikkei business daily, is renowned for not printing any flimsy rumour or speculation, so it’s unlikely they’d publish information on the apparently incoming handset without their being some grounds.

Now that the iPhone has proved phones and gaming can go together, having thoroughly outshined the fortunes of traditional mobile Java gaming in the year since the App Store started pumping out games, this decision does make sense. However, even if the PSP Phone does see the light of day, it’ll have a hard task pulling back those Apple fans.

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