Sony plans to be third largest smartphone maker


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Sony is aiming to become the world’s third largest smartphone maker behind Samsung and Apple and is making moves to gain 20% cent of all Android sales.

The company’s head of sales and marketing, Dennis van Schie, went on record speaking to the Wall Street Journal, saying the company’s ambitions were to gain a solid place in the third spot “not in 10 years time, but a lot sooner.”

This will be made possible now that the company has split from Ericsson and moved its smartphone arm fully under the main Sony brand, according to Schie, who says that as Sony Ericsson, Sony’s mobile goals of utilising tech and expertise from across the company’s wider product line-up was not really possible.

“Even if we thought we were part of Sony, all the hard-core technological assets that were available – applications, services, the hardware, like the sensors – were not really made available to us,” he said.

“It was not a competitive advantage at that time. Now it is. It clearly is,” he added.

As an example, Schie explained that Sony TV technology is now being optimised for its mobile devices within a six month timeframe, much faster than before, while Sony Mobile can now pull camera sensor tech from the company’s main imaging department earlier than it previously could.

Currently Sony has somewhere between 6.5% and 7% of the smartphone market in terms of sales.

Is Sony getting ahead of itself? Possibly not, the level of hype and anticipation around the recently released Sony Xperia Z1 ahead of its launch was higher than any other Sony device we can remember to date. Clearly bringing in Sony‘s varied techologies to a smartphone device under the One Sony brand has its appeal.

If Sony continues down this route it could rack up the sales. However, it is early days yet with regard to the Xperia Z1, time will tell if it has the pull to bring in the punters.

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