Sony Ericsson S006 gets 16 megapixel snapper


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If you’re the type of fickle gadget freak that always has to have the best and biggest, your wallet may be in for a rough time over the next few weeks as Sony Ericsson set their sights on the best camera phone crown.

The upcoming S006 looks set to be the first device loaded with the ‘Exmor R’ 16 megapixel CMOS sensor which, as well as being capable of snapping monstrously large images,  is also able to capture 720P video at an unheard of 60FPS.

The package should jog along nicely too, powered by a 1GHz snapdragon processor. It will also be carrying all the standard issue functionality that one would expect these days, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

There is one drawback though. It runs on SE’s proprietary dumbphone OS.

Will the S006 hold its own against he beautiful images captured by the Nokia N8? Only time will tell.

Via Endgadget.com

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