Sony Ericsson releases C901 and Naite


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The C901 and Naite handsets have been announced to celebrate the launch of the Sony Ericsson GreenHeart line.

The trademark eco-features of these handsets include the use of recycled materials, reduced packaging and waterborne paints.

On the more traditional side of the specs, the C901 Cybershot will launch with a 5-megapixel camera, featuring Xenon flash and Smile detection capability.

Both the C901 and Naite are quad-band GSM handsets, although the C901 only supports non-US 3G networks. It’ll also come with the usual accoutrements like Bluetooth, media player, and email functionality.

The two devices look very similar on paper and both take the candybar form factor but the Naite is the more reserved of the two; featuring only a 2-megapixel camera, although it does still support video recording.

Aside of the eco features we’ve mentioned already the devices also have a couple of neat little tricks to help you do your bit; for starters, each comes with a low-power charger and conspicuous lack of paper manual, which is instead provided in software form on the handsets.

Also present is a handy little carbon emissions calculator, called the Walkmate pedometer it’s there to help you work out just how much CO2 walking is saving as opposed to other forms of transport.

The C901 is scheduled for a Q2 release, which makes that right about now then; with the Naite to follow “by the third quarter 2009”, according to CNET.com

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