SMS favourites on the Nokia 6500 Slide


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A new feature on the Nokia 6500 lets you add your favourite contact to the top of your SMS Add recipient menu, bringing your best friend or partner a few clicks closer.

When you write a new message (click the left navigation key if your phone is set up with Create message as its shortcut, otherwise go to Menu > Messaging > Create message), highlight the To: field and click Add to open the Add recipient page. The first item on the list should be . To add your own favourite, follow these instructions:

  • Highlight and click Options
  • Highlight Define favourite and click Select
  • If your favourite contact is already in the Contacts list*, highlight Contacts and click Select
  • Highlight the name of the contact in the Contacts list and click Select. You’ll see the message ‘Favourite added’.

Now the next time you go to add a recipient for a text message, your favourite will be right up there on top of the list.

To change your favourite contact:

  • Open the Add recipient page, highlight the favourite and click Options
  • Highlight Replace and click Select
  • Highlight Contacts* and click Select
  • Highlight the name of the new favourite contact and click Select.

*If your new favourite isn’t already in your Contacts list, highlight New number and click Select at this point, enter a name and number for your new contact, highlight Save, and the contact will be added to the Contacts list and the favourite slot simultaneously.

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