Slim PS4 Reboot To Launch Alongside PS4 Neo This September?


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We’ve previously heard confirmation that the Sony PS4 Neo will be arriving shortly, but new leaked details suggest there may also be another PS4 console refresh in the works which could launch around the same time. The extra-slim variant of the PS4 was spotted on Gumtree by a user in Machester, UK; the listing was since removed, but a user on Twitter, @shortman82 claims to have purchased the thinner console and posted a photo of it alongside the 2013 PS4.


The Wall Street Journal also reports that the slim PS4 will be sold alongside the PS4 Neo. Sony confirmed the much-rumoured PS4 Neo in June 2016, revealing the features as including 4K support, improved graphics quality, and Playstation VR optimisation for the firm’s own headset launching on October 13. The VR headset will be compatible with all PS4 models, but the extra tweaking aboard the Neo is supposed to enhance the experience considerably. Sony’s launch event for the Neo is September 7, so if we are looking at dual-launch that would be the date to watch. Naturally, Sony has remained quiet on the subject of these new leaks.


There are no other details at present on what the new slimline PS4 might be called, or what features it might have aside from a more svelte bodyshell. We can only speculate at this point, but we’d hazard a guess that it is purely a cosemetic change, as spec and feature tweaks run the risk of stealing the limelight from the PS4 Neo, which appears to be the main contender here.

At present, you can pick up the PS4 Ultimate Edition with Unchartered 4 for the sum of $369.99

Regardless, it remains a curious phenomenon that both Sony and Microsoft are issuing these “halfway house” console reboots with a small handful of upgrade features. That said, genuine next-gen console cycles have historically been between six and seven years, meaning the next true successor wouldn’t be with us until 2019 at the very earliest. 

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