Rovio Mobile: Innovation has flown the console game nest


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Peter Vesterbacka, the Marketing Executive of Rovio Mobile, has said innovation in the video games industry has moved away from console games and into mobile and social.

Speaking to the panel at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Vesterbacka said mobile and social games companies can be more “nimble”, arguing they can develop and release content more quickly and easily.

He also suggested console games are “dying”, because mobile gaming contines to grow at such a rapid rate – a plethora of Android tablets, the iPad 2 and gaming-focused smartphones like the Xperia Play certain to reinforce that fact.

His reasoning outlined the traditional payment method of $40-50 dollars a pop for a new console game, stating the modern console game can’t be built on with new content very easily.

It wasn’t a total flame-inducing chat, though. Although Rovio Mobile boasts the biggest selling mobile game ever, with over 100 million downloads worldwide, he modestly said of the business model for mobile games, “No one has figured it out yet.”

He went on to make a valid point about the term ‘casual games’, explaining how nobody ever talks about ‘casual films’.

Players can get just as involved with Angry Birds as they can with any other game – whether it’s on a big screen or in the palm of your hand matters little.

Source: Venturebeat

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